List of Streets per Table/Box Number

Dublin South East

  Polling Station Table/Box 293

Alexander Court Apartments
Boyne Street
Cearnog An Larthair (82)
City Quay (1-52)
City Square
Clare Street (1-14)
College Close
College Gate, Townsend Street
College Street
Corn Exchange
Creighton Street
Cumberland Street, South
Denzille Court
Denzille Lane
D'olier Street
Dowling's Court
Erne Street, Upper (24-42)
Erne Terrace
Exchange Court
Fenian Street
Georges Quay
Goldsmith Hall, Westland Row
Hyde Court
Lombard Court
Lombard Street, East (1A-3)

  Polling Station Table/Box 294

Lombard Street, East (3-17)
Magennis Court
Magennis Square
Markievicz House
Mark's Lane
Merrion Square, North (1-31A)
O'Callaghan Court
Pearse House
Pearse Street (1-82) (136-214)
Peterson's Court
Poolbeg Street
Prince's Street, South
Sandwith Street
St. Andrew's Court (2-67)

  Polling Station Table/Box 295

St. Andrew's Court (67-70)
The Brokerage
The Windmill
Townsend Street
Trinity College
Trinity Plaza
Trinity Square
Westland Row
Westland Square
Windmill Lane Apartments
Albert Court, East
Albert Place, East
Alto Vetro
Brunswick Place
Butlers Court
Butlers Place
Byrne's Lane
Camden Lock
Carlingford Court
Carlingford Parade
Charlotte Quay Dock
Clanwilliam Court
Clarence Place (1-6)

  Polling Station Table/Box 296

Clarence Place (6-20)
Conway Court
Eblana Villas
Erne Street, Upper (1-23)
Forbes Quay
Gallery Quay
Grand Canal Street, Lower
Grand Canal Wharf
Grant's Row
Grattan Court
Grattan Place
Grattan Street
Greenore Court
Greenore Terrace
Hanover Dock
Hanover Quarter
Hanover Quay
Hanover Reach
Hanover Riverside
Hanover Wharf
Hogan Avenue
Hogan Court
Hogan Place
Hogan Square
Holles Row
Island Villa
Leo Fitzgerald House (1-26)

  Polling Station Table/Box 297

Leo Fitzgerald House (26-45)
Longboat Quay, North
Longboat Quay, South
Love Lane, East
Macken Street
Macken Villas
Martin's Terrace
Meade's Terrace
Park House
Pearse Grove
Pearse Square
Pearse Street (83-135)
Rostrevor Court
Rostrevor Terrace
South Dock Road
South Dock, Charlotte Quay
Stewart Villas
Temple Court
The Courtyard, Grants Row
The Ivory Buildings
The Malthouse
The Marker Residences
The Northumberlands
The Waterfront
Waterside Apartments
Wilson's Place
Winter Garden Apartments

  Polling Station Table/Box 298

Alexander Court, Pembroke Street Upper
Anne Street, South
Auron Court
Baggot Court
Baggot Court Mews
Baggot Street, Lower (1-42) (113-149)
Clare Court
Duke Street
Dunloe Hall
Ely Mews
Ely Place, Upper
Fitzwilliam Court
Fitzwilliam Lane
Fitzwilliam Place (27-44B)
Fitzwilliam Square (18-69)
Fitzwilliam Street, Lower (1-11)
Fitzwilliam Street, Upper (1-21)
Frederick Street, South
Grafton Street
Hume Street
Kildare Street
Kingram Place
Laverty Court
Leeson Close
Leeson Street, Lower
Mackies Place
Merrion Row
Merrion Square, South (53-88B)
Merrion Square, West (88-95)
Merrion Street, Upper
Molesworth Street
Pembroke Lane
Pembroke Place
Pembroke Street, Lower
Pembroke Street, Upper
Royal Hibernian Way (Duke Street)
Schoolhouse Lane
St. Stephen's Green Park
St. Stephen's Green, North (1-38)
St. Stephen's House
Windsor Court
Windsor Place
Baggot Bridge Court (Pembroke Row)
Baggot Rath
Baggot Street, Lower (43-112B)
Bridge Court
Court Apartments
Cumberland Mews
Fitzwilliam Place (1-26)
Fitzwilliam Square (1-17A)
Fitzwilliam Street, Upper (22-41)
Grattan Hall
Hagan's Court
Herbert Lane
Herbert Place
Herbert Street
Huband Mews
Lad Lane
Lad Lane, Upper
Madison Court
Mount Street Crescent
Mount Street, Lower
Mount Street, Upper
Pembroke Row
Power's Court
Slane House
Stephen's Lane
Stephen's Place
The Plantation (Herbert Street)
Verschoyle Court
Verschoyle House
Verschoyle Mews
Warrington Place
Wilton Place
Wilton Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 299

Aikenhead Terrace
Alexandra Quay
Bath Street
Bay View
Bremen Avenue
Bremen Grove
Bremen Road
Bridge Street
Cambridge Avenue
Cambridge Court
Cambridge Park
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Square
Canon Mooney Gardens (1-45)

  Polling Station Table/Box 300

Canon Mooney Gardens (47-79)
Celstine Avenue
Chapel Avenue
Church Avenue (1-5)
Clonlara Road
Cymric Road
Dermot O'Hurley Avenue
Dodder Terrace
Ennis Grove
Ennis Place
Fairview Avenue
Fishermans Wharf
Fitzwilliam Point
Fitzwilliam Quay
Fitzwilliam Street
George Reynolds House
Herbert Place
Irishtown Road
Isolda Road
Kennedy Court
Kerlogue Road (1-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 301

Kerlogue Road (16-60)
Kyleclare Road
Leukos Road
Londonbridge Road (2-36AB even)
Oliver Plunkett Avenue
O'Rahilly House
Parkview Place
Pembroke Cottages (Cambridge Road)(1-52)
Pembroke Grove
Pembroke Street
Pigeon House Road
Pigeon House Road Pembroke Cottages
Pine Road
Poolbeg Quay (1-46)

  Polling Station Table/Box 302

Poolbeg Quay (46-62)
Portview Apartments
Ringsend Park
Pembroke Cottages (45-137)
Ropewalk Mews
Ropewalk Place
Rosary Terrace
Seapoint Terrace
Simpson's Lane
St. Brendan's Cottages
St. Joseph's Terrace
St. Magdalen Terrace
St. Mary's Terrace
St. Patrick's Villas
St. Philomena's Villas
St. Philomena's Terrace
Stella Gardens
Strand Street
Strasburg Terrace
Summerfield Court
The Bottleworks
The Moorings
The Old Presbytery
The Pumphouse
The Square, Irishtown Road
Thorncastle Court
Thorncastle Street
Victoria Cottages
Veronica Terrace
Whelan House

  Polling Station Table/Box 303

Adelaide Square
Alexander Walk
Anglesea Street
Aston Abbey
Aston Court
Aston House
Aston Quay
Aungier Street (46-82)
Bishop Street
Blind Quay Apartments
Bookend Apartments
Bride Close
Bride Street (56-112)
Bristol Buildings
Camden Row
Camden View
Castle Court
Castle Gate
Castle Street
Castle Way
Castle Way Apartments
Cecilia Street
Chancery Court
Clarendon Hall
College Court
College Green
Cope Street
Copper Alley Music Hall
Crampton Buildings
Crane Lane
Crown Alley

  Polling Station Table/Box 304

Crown Alley
Dame Street
Essex Street, East
Eustace Street
Exchequer Chambers
Fishamble Street
Fleet Street
Fownes Street, Lower
Fownes Street, Upper
George's Street, South Great (1-16) (47-90)
Golden Lane (1-62)
Isolde's Tower (Essex Quay)
John Field Road
Lord Edward Street
McDonough House, Golden Lane
Music Hall
New Bride Street (19-35A)
Olympia Apartments
Palace Gardens
Palace Street
Parliament Buildings
Parliament Street
Pudding Row
Redmond's Hill (13-20)
Royal Exchange Apartments
Saul's Court (Cow's Lane)
Scarlett Row
Smock Alley
Court Spranger's Yard
Stephen Street, Upper (1-19) (58-67)
Tailors Court (86-97)
Temple Bar
Temple Bar Square
Temple Lane Apartments
The Cobbles
The Cutlers
The Friary
The Grannary
The Green Building
The Locksmiths
The Olde Dock
The Printworks
The Wooden Building
Wellington Hall
Wellington Quay
Werburgh Street (15-25)
Westmoreland Street (1-21)
Wexford Street (20-40)
Whitefriar Gardens
Whitefriar Place
Whitefriar Street
Wyndham Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 305

Ardilaun Court
Aungier Street (1-43)
Chatham Court
Chatham Street
Clarendon Court
Clarendon Street
Coppinger Row
Crabbe Lane
Cuffe Lane
Cuffe Street
Digges Street
Drury Hall
Drury Street
Exchequer Street (2-36)
Fade Street
George's Street, South Great (17-48)
Glover's Court
Grafton Hall
La Touche Hall
Mercer Court
Mercer Street, Upper (Mercer House)
Mercer Street
Montague Court
Montague Street (1-15)
O'Carroll Villas
Proud's Lane
St. Stephen's Green, West (106-141)
Stephen Street, Lower
Wexford Street (1-21)
Wicklow Court
Wicklow Street
William Street, South
York House
York Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 306

Atkinson House
Bóthar an Rosa (E7)
Bride Road (Corporation Buildings)
Bride Street (Corporation Buildings)
Cannon Court
Cathedral House
Cathedral Lane
Cathedral View Court
Cathedral View Walk
Christchurch Place
Christchurch View
Exchange Street, Lower (1-2, 34)
Fernley Court
Iveagh Hostel (Bride Street)
Iveagh Building, Patrick Street
Iveagh Trust Building, New Bride Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 307

Iveagh Trust Building, New Bride Street
Iveagh Trust
Bull Alley
Kevin Street, Upper Long Lane (14-42)
Long Lane Close
Moyne House
New Street Gardens
New Street South (1-35B)
Nicholas Street (Corporation Buildings)
Ross Road
St. Kevin's Terrace (1-20) (Bride Street New)
St. Patrick's Close

  Polling Station Table/Box 308

Adelaide Court
Adelaide Road
Albert Terrace
Camden Buildings
Camden Court
Camden Place
Camden Row (1-19C)
Camden Street, Lower
Camden Street, Upper
Camden Villas
Charlemont Court
Charlemont Gardens
Charlemont Mall
Clonmel Street
Convent Place
Earl Court, Adelaide Road
Earlsfort Court
Earlsfort Terrace
Faiche Fhearchair (164)
French Mullen House
Garden Villas
Gascoigne Court
Grantham Place
Grantham Street
Harcourt Green
Harcourt Hall
Harcourt Mews
Harcourt Road
Harcourt Street (15-100)
Harcourt Terrace
Harrington Court (Synge Place)
Harrington Street
Hatch Place
Hatch Street, Lower
Heytesbury Street (54-92)
Hilton Mews, Harcourt Terrace
Iveagh Court Apartments
Kingsland Parade (9-33)
Leeson Place
Leeson Street, Lower (4-39)

  Polling Station Table/Box 309

Leeson Street, Lower (40-50)
Lennox Place
Lennox Street
Lennox Terrace
Martin Street
Olympic House
Peter's Place
Pleasant's Place
Pleasant's Street
Portobello Dock
Portobello Harbour
Portobello Place
Portobello Quay
Richmond Place, South
Richmond Row
Richmond Villas (Richmond View)
Russell Court
Shaw Court
Smith Hall
Straid Lennox (30)
St. Kevin's Cottages
St. Stephen's Green, South (65-104)
Stable Lane
Stamer Street (12-22A)
Symphony House
Synge Lane
Synge Place
Synge Street
The Courtyard, Pleasant's Street
The Moorings
Tom Kelly Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 310

Warren Street
Alexandra Terrace
Arbutus Place
Arnott Street
Avenue Road
Bloom Court
Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield Cottages
Bloomfield Park
Carlisle Street
Clanbrassil Street, Lower (1-55A)
Clanbrassil Street, Upper (33-68)
Coolevin Road
Curzon Street
Daniel Street
Desmond Street
Emor Street
Emorville Avenue (1-16)

  Polling Station Table/Box 311

Emorville Avenue (16-36)
Florence Street
Garden Terrace
Harty Court
Harty Place
Heytesbury Street (1-53)
Kingsland Parade (1-8)
Kingsland Park Avenue
Lennox Street (42-50A even)
Lombard Court
Lombard Street, West
Long Lane (1-13) (43-45)
Longwood Avenue
McMahon Street
Meath Community Unit
Meathville Terrace
Oakfield Place
Ovoca Road
Plás Uí Artaigh (71)
Portobello Road
Portobello Wharf
Rosedale Terrace
South Circular Road (1-13)

  Polling Station Table/Box 312

South Circular Road (13-110)
Spencer Street, South
Sraid Caerluaill/Charlisle (3)
Sraid Eimhir (22)
Sraid Lombaird Thiar (39)
Sraid Stamer (1)
St. Kevin's Church
St. Kevin's Parade
St. Kevin's Road
St. Vincent Street, South
Stamer Street (1-11)
Vernon Street
Victoria Street
Walworth Road
Whitehall House
William's Place South
Windsor Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 313

Ardán Uí Laocha Apartments (Apt1)(13)
Argyle House
Ash House
Beach Avenue
Beach Drive
Beach Road
Bóthar Tritonville (57)
Cannon Place
Claremont Close
Claremont Court
Claremont House
Claremont Park
Claremont Road
Cranfield Place
Dromard Avenue
Fairfield Court
Farney Park
Glenesk Court
Herbert Court
Herbert Green
Herbert Mews
Herbert Road
Holyrood Apartments
Holyrood Castle
Holyrood House
Holyrood Park
Homelee Lansdowne Hall
Lansdowne Square (1-4)

  Polling Station Table/Box 314

Lansdowne Square (5-7)
Lansdowne Village
Leahy's Terrace
Londonbridge Drive
Londonbridge Road (1-51B odd)
Margaret Holme
Marine Drive
Mount Tabor Care Centre
Newbridge Avenue
Newbridge Drive
Newgrove Avenue (6-28)
Oak House
Oaklands Court
Oaklands Drive
Oaklands Park
Oisin Court
Oswald Road
Pairc na Lub (10)
Plas Cranfield (28)
Prospect Terrace
Railway Cottages
Sandymount Avenue (30-86 even)
Sandymount Court
Sandymount Green (1-9AB) (15-24)
Sandymount Road (6-25)

  Polling Station Table/Box 315

Sandymount Road (25-88)
Seafort Avenue
Seafort Crescent
Seafort Gardens
Seafort Terrace
Seafort Villas
Serpentine Avenue (57-63) (58-82)
Serpentine House
Serpentine Mews
Serpentine Park
Serpentine Road
St. James's Place
St. James's Terrace
Steeple Gate
The Grove
The Willows
Tritonville Avenue
Tritonville Close
Tritonville Court
Tritonville Crescent
Tritonville Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 316

Ailesbury Gardens
Ailesbury Mews
Ailesbury Nursing Home
Avondale Mews
Bethany House
Bóthar Ghort na Saili (73, 102)
Bóthar Gilford (60)
Bóthar na Tra (43E)
Brabazon Court
Brabazon House
Brabazon Trust
Cappagh Cuirt an Tuir (1)
Durham Road
Florence Villas
Gilford Avenue
Gilford Court
Gilford Drive
Gilford Park
Gilford Pines
Gilford Road (1-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 317

Gilford Road (15-74A)
Gilford Terrace
Glenwaverley Court
Hepenstal Terrace
Lea Crescent
Lea Road
Martello Mews
Martello View
Martello Wood
Merrion Strand
New Grove Avenue (1-27 odd)
New Grove House
Pairc Chaislean Dhumhach Tra (7)
Pairc an Bhaile Dhumhach Tra (34)
Park Avenue
Park Court
Park Lane (1-16B)

  Polling Station Table/Box 318

Park Lane (16B-30)
Radcliffe Hall
Richelieu Park (4-25)
Sandymount Avenue (31-107 odd)
Sandymount Castle Drive
Sandymount Castle Park
Sandymount Castle Road
Sandymount Green (10-14C) (24A) (24AA)
Seabury Apartments
Seamount House
St. Alban's Mews
St. Alban's Park
St. Catherine's Court
St. John's Court
St. John's Road
St. John's Wood
St. John's

  Polling Station Table/Box 319

Strand House
Strand Mews
Strand Road, Sandymount
Sydney Parade Avenue (2-18) (17-83)
Tower Court Flats
Wilfield Park
Wilfield Road
Willow Mews
Willowfield Windemere

  Polling Station Table/Box 320

Ailesbury Park
Bellevue Avenue
Bellevue Park Avenue
Elm Court
Estate Avenue
Herbert Avenue
Heskin Court
Keegan's Cottages
Merrion Road (103-229A) (164-298)
Merrion Village
Nutley Lane (even nos.)
Nutley Park (1-43)

  Polling Station Table/Box 321

Nutley Park (44-58)
St. John's House, Merrion Road
St. Marys Centre, Merrion Road
St. Vincent's Hospital
Stillorgan Road (118-188 even)
Sydney Parade Avenue (1-11 odd)
St. Anne's Flats, Ailesbury Road
Ailesbury Court
Ailesbury, Donnybrook Castle
Ailesbury Lane
Ailesbury Road (1A, 1B, 1-95 odd)
Ailesbury Way
Ailesbury Wood
Airfield Court
Airfield Manor
Airfield Park
Airfield Terrace
Anglers Rest
Beaver Row
Beech Hill Avenue (1-87)

  Polling Station Table/Box 322

Beech Hill Avenue (89-91)
Beech Hill Court
Beech Hill Crescent
Beech Hill Drive
Beech Hill Road
Beech Hill Terrace
Beech Hill Villas
Belfield Court
Brock Hall (Beech Hill Avenue)
Byrne's Terrace
Donnybrook Close
Donnybrook Court
Donnybrook Green
Elm Park
Greenfield Crescent
Greenfield Manor
Greenfield Park (1-9)

  Polling Station Table/Box 323

Greenfield Park (10-34)
Hamilton Court (Seaview Terrace)
Merrion Court
Merrion Road (83-101 odd) (162-162A)
Merrion View Avenue
Nutley Avenue
Nutley Court, Seaview Terrace
Nutley Lane (odd nos.)
Nutley Road
Nutley Square
Páirc an Ghoirt Ghláis (12)
Seaview Terrace
Shamrock Hill
Shrewsbury, Donnybrook Castle
Simmonscourt Terrace
Stillorgan Road (1-13) (115-141)
The Bay, Elm Park
The Court, Donnybrook Castle
The Eglinton, Donnybrook Castle
The Links
Thornfield (Houses 1-5)
Thornfield Apartments (1-12 Stillorgan Road)

  Polling Station Table/Box 324

Ailesbury Drive
Ailesbury Grove
Ailesbury Oaks Apartments
Ailesbury Oaks Townhouses
Ailesbury Road (2A, 2E, 2-84 even)
Anglesea House, Ballsbridge Court
Anglesea Lodge
Anglesea Road
Ardan na Lub (13)
Ballsbridge Avenue
Beatty's Avenue
Brookfield Apartments
Churchill Terrace
Clyde House, Ballsbridge Court
Dodder View Cottages
Elgin House, Ballsbridge Court
Embassy Court
Four Season Hotel
Granite Place
Herbert Cottages
Iostaín Radhrac na Bóthar(13)(32)
Linden House
Lynton Court Flats
Merlyn Drive (2-13)

  Polling Station Table/Box 325

Merlyn Drive (14-16)
Merlyn Park
Merlyn Road
Merrion Road (1-81A odd) (2-160 even)
Prince of Wales Terrace
Raglan House, Ballsbridge Court
Rexton Court
Sandymount Avenue (1-25)(12-28 even)
Serpentine Avenue (1-55)(30-56A)
Serpentine Terrace
Shrewsbury Court, Ailesbury Road
Shrewsbury Park
Shrewsbury Road
Shrewsbury Square
Simmonscourt Castle

  Polling Station Table/Box 326

Simmonscourt Castle
Simmonscourt Lodge
Simmonscourt Road
Simmonscourt Square
Spafield Terrace
St. James's Court Flats (El Greco)
St. James's Court Flats (Renoir)
Sydenham Court
Sydenham Road
The Sweepstakes
Wellington Lodge
Wilfield Yeats's Court
Ardoyne House
Ardoyne Mews
Ashley Court
Ballsbridge Gardens
Ballsbridge Terrace
Ballsbridge Wood
Bóthar Elgin (9)(34)
Carlton Mews
Carlton Villas, Shelbourne Road (1-2)

  Polling Station Table/Box 327

Carlton Villas, Shelbourne Road (2-5)
Caroline Court
Clyde Lane
Clyde Road (1-29) (31-35)
Elgin Road
Estate Cottages (Shelbourne Road)
Finsbury House
Herbert Park
Iveragh Court
Kingsley Mews
Lansdowne Gardens
Lansdowne Road (odd nos.)
Lansdowne Wood
Orchard Lane
Pairc Hoirbeaird (40)
Pembroke Court
Pembroke Lane
Pembroke Park (2-22 even)
Pembroke Place
Pembroke Road (63-93, 124, 126-176)
Raglan Court
Raglan Road (2-14 even)
Shelbourne Court
The Cedars, Herbert Park Lane
The Oaks, Herbert Park Lane
The Pines, Herbert Park Lane

  Polling Station Table/Box 328

Auburn Apartments, Northumberland Road
Bath Avenue (odd nos.)
Beggars Bush Court
Berkeley Terrace
Cannon Mews, East
Cannon Mews, West
Cranmer Lane
Cranmer Place
Estate Cottages (Canal Bank, Mount Street)
Grand Canal Street, Upper (1-67 odd)
Haddington Road (113-119C, 74-102)
Haddington Square
Haddington Way, East
Haddington Way, West
Havelock Place
Havelock Square
Havelock Terrace
Lansdowne Court
Lansdowne Crescent
Lansdowne Lane
Lansdowne Lodge
Lansdowne Park (3-37)

  Polling Station Table/Box 329

Lansdowne Park (38-168)
Lansdowne Road (even nos.)
Lansdowne Terrace
Lansdowne Villas
Northumberland Court
Northumberland Place
Northumberland Road (2-86 even)
O'Connell Gardens
Shaw's Lane
Shaw's Lane Apts
Shelbourne Place
Shelbourne Road (2-70 even)
The Square, Beggars Bush
Vavasour Square

  Polling Station Table/Box 330

Barrow Street (1-23)
Bath Avenue (even nos.)
Bath Avenue Gardens
Bath Avenue Place
Derrynane Gardens
Dockmill Apartments
Doris Street
Emerald Cottages
Gerald Street
Gordon Street
Grand Canal Street, Upper(6-62 even)
Hastings Street
Hope Street
Howard Street (2-3)

  Polling Station Table/Box 331

Howard Street (4-20)
Joy Street
Malone Gardens
Margaret Place
Ormeau Street
Pembroke Square
Penrose Street
Ringsend Road (9-99)
Shelbourne Park Apartments
Shelbourne Park Mews
Shelbourne Village
Shelbourne Wharf
Somerset Street
South Dock Place (2)

  Polling Station Table/Box 332

South Dock Place (2-19)
South Dock Street
South Lotts Road
Sraid Hope (12)
The Gasworks

  Polling Station Table/Box 333

Argyle Road
Arranmore Road
Auburn Avenue
Auburn Road
Brendan House
Brendan Road
Donnybrook Mews
Eglinton Terrace
Herbert Park (1-5 odd) (2-34 even)
Herbert Park Mews
Home Villas
Main Street, Donnybrook (2-56)
Morehampton Lane
Morehampton Mews
Morehampton Road (2-142 even)
Mulberry Lane
Park Mews
Pembroke Cottages (1-30)

  Polling Station Table/Box 334

Pembroke Cottages (31-109)
Pembroke Park (1-37 odd)
St. Broc's Cottages
St. Mary's Home, Pembroke Park
Victoria Avenue
Wellington Place (even nos.)
Abbeyfield (Blocks E, F, G, H)
Belmont Avenue
Belmont Gardens
Belmont Park
Belmont Villas
Bóthar Marlborough (20)
Brookvale Road
Bushfield Avenue
Callan House, Eglinton Court
Cherryfield Avenue, Lower (2-53)

  Polling Station Table/Box 335

Cherryfield Avenue, Lower (53)
Cherryfield Avenue, Upper
Cherryfield Lodge
Clonskeagh Road (1-115 odd)
Derrynane House, Eglinton Court
Donnybrook Manor
Dunbur, Brookvale Road
Eglinton Court
Eglinton Park
Eglinton Road
Eglinton Square (1-18)
Eglinton Wood
Gairdini Belmont (18)
Hampton Court
Harmony Avenue
Harmony Court
Hollybank Avenue, Lower
Hollybank Avenue, Upper
Larch Grove
Marlborough Road (2-106 even)

  Polling Station Table/Box 336

Marlborough Road (2-106 even)
Melmore House, Eglinton Court
Millrace Court
Morehampton Lodge
Morehampton Road (69-135 odd)
Mount Eden Road
Norwood Park
Riverside Walk
Sandford Avenue
Sandford Close
Sandford Gardens
Sandford Lodge Apts
Sandford Road (37-105) (56-138)
St. Mary's Dominican Convent, Marlborough Road
The Courtyard, Rathmines
The Crescent
The Orchard, Bushfield Avenue
The Orchard, Cherryfield Avenue
Vergemount Court
Vergemount Park

  Polling Station Table/Box 337

Ambassador Court
Baggot Lane
Baggot Street, Upper (ex. Royal Hospital)
Baruva House
Beech House, Mespil Estate
Berkeley House
Burleigh Court
Burleigh Mews
Burlington Gardens
Burlington Road
Cedar House, Mespil Estate
Cherry House, Mespil Estate
Clyde Court
Durrow Mews
Eastmoreland Court
Eastmoreland Lane
Eastmoreland Place
Elm House, Mespil Estate
Fir House, Mespil Estate
Flemings Hall
Flemings Place
Grand Canal Buildings, Percy Place
Haddington Place
Haddington Road
Hadleigh Court
Halcam Court
Hamilton House, Wellington Lane
Heytesbury Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 338

Heytesbury Lane (1-14)
Heytesbury Lane (15-83)
Huband Court
Ilex House, Mespil Estate
Lanewood Mews
Leeson Court
Leeson Street, Upper (76-156)
Maple House, Mespil Estate
Mespil Lodge
Mespil Road
Northumberland Court
Northumberland Road (1-69 odd)
Oak House, Mespil Estate
Pembroke Gardens
Pembroke Lane
Pembroke Manor
Pembroke Road (1-61 odd)(2-124)
Percy Close
Percy Court
Percy Lane
Percy Place
Plas Wellington (43)
Raglan Hall
Raglan Lane

  Polling Station Table/Box 339

Raglan Road (1-23 odd)
Raglan Road (25-53 odd)
Rawson Court
Rowan House
St. Mary's Lane
St. Mary's Road
Sussex Road
Sussex Terrace
Sycamore House, Mespil Estate
The Moorings
Waterloo Mews
Waterloo Lane
Waterloo Place
Waterloo Road
Wellington House
Wellington Lane
Wellington Place (1-51A odd)
Wellington Road
Willow House, Mespil Estate

  Polling Station Table/Box 340

Abbeyfield (Blocks A, B, C, D)
Cedar Hall, Millbrook Court
Clonskeagh Hospital
Clonskeagh Road (2-68 even)
Convent Hall, Mount St. Anne's
Cowper Hall
Geraldine Terrace
Glenmalure Square
Maple Hall
Marian Hall
Merton Crescent
Merton Hall
Merton Walk
Millbrook Village
Milltown Avenue
Milltown Court
Milltown Hall (1-46)

  Polling Station Table/Box 341

Milltown Hall (46-126)
Milltown Hill
Milltown Road (Prospect Lane)
Mount Sandford
Na Leamhain, Teach Grove (5)
Old Schoolhouse, Mount St. Anne's
Pairc Raimile (64)
Palmerston Grove
Park Hall
Ramleh Close
Ramleh Hall
Ramleh Park
Ramleh Villas
Richmond Hall
Riverside Apartments
Rowan Hall, Millbrook Court
Shanagarry (Milltown Road)
St. Broc's, Milltown Road
Strand Terrace
Temple Court
Temple Hall
The Cedars, Milltown Road
The Colonade, Milltown Road
The Elms, Milltown Road
The Oaks, Milltown Road
The Orchard, Milltown Road
The Pines, Milltown Road
Vergemount Hall

  Polling Station Table/Box 342

Beechlawn Manor
Beechlawn Mews
Beechlawn Way
Bóthar an Chnocain Ghlais (38)
Bushy Park Gardens
Bushy Park Road
Ceide Fhearann Dara (26)
Dartry Cottages
Dartry Court
Dartry Road (1-23)
Eastmore Apartments, Bushy Park Road
Four Oaks
Glenayr Road
Greenlands Greenmount Lawn (1-25)

  Polling Station Table/Box 343

Greenmount Lawn (26-27)
Greenmount Road (1-31)
Highfield Court
Highfield Grove
Highfield Manor
Highfield Road
Meadow Bank
Millhill Missionaries
Oak Apple Green
Oaklands Crescent (2-12)

  Polling Station Table/Box 344

Oaklands Crescent (13-29)
Oaklands Drive
Orwell Bank
Orwell Court
Orwell House, Nursing Home
Orwell Mews
Orwell Park Square
Orwell Park
Orwell Road
Orwell View
Orwell Woods
Park View
Rathfarnham Road (2-122 even)
Rathgar Park
Redemptorist Fathers
Riversdale Avenue
Rostrevor Road (1-21)

  Polling Station Table/Box 345

Rostrevor Road (21-30)
Rostrevor Terrace
St. Ann's
St. Brigid's
St. John's Wood
St. Kevin's Court
St. Kevin's Gardens
St. Kevin's House
St. Kevin's Park
Stratford Haven
Sunbury Gardens
Sunbury Park
Temple Square
Terenure Road, East
Terenure Town Houses
The Ramparts
The Willows
Trinity Hall

  Polling Station Table/Box 346

Trinity Hall
Victoria Lane, South
Victoria Road
Wasdale Grove
Wasdale Park
Westbourne Court
Westbourne Road
Zion Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 347

Appian Close
Appian Way
Ashbrook House
Ashbrook Terrace
Belleisle House
Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield Park
Bóthar Marlborough (25)
Bushfield Place
Bushfield Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
Carlisle Avenue
Chelmsford Avenue
Chelmsford Close
Chelmsford Lane
Chelmsford Mews
Chelmsford Road
Courtney House
Crosbie House
Cullenswood Court
Cullenswood House

  Polling Station Table/Box 348

Cullenswood Park
Dartmouth Lane
Dartmouth Place
Dartmouth Road
Dartmouth Square
Dartmouth Terrace
Dartmouth Walk
Dexter Terrace
Edward Lane
Edward Place
Edward Square
Fitzwilliam Court
Fitzwilliam Way
Florence Terrace
Hampton Court (Bloomfield Avenue)
Leeson Mews
Leeson Park
Leeson Park Avenue
Leeson Park Nursing Home
Leeson Park Way
Leeson Street, Upper (1-40)

  Polling Station Table/Box 349

Leeson Street, Upper (41-75)
Leeson Village
Leeson Walk
Marlborough Lane
Marlborough Road (13-109A)
Mitchell House
Morehampton Court
Morehampton Hall
Morehampton Road (1-67 odd)
Morehampton Square
Morehampton Terrace
Northbrook Avenue
Northbrook Lane
Northbrook Nursing Home
Northbrook Road
Northbrook Villas
Northbrook Walk
Orchard Lane
Osborne Terrace
Ranelagh Avenue (1-12)

  Polling Station Table/Box 350

Ranelagh Avenue (12-24)
Ranelagh Close
Ranelagh Road
Ranelagh Village (2-132 even)
Royal Hospital, Donnybrook
Sallymount Avenue
Sallymount Gardens
Sallymount Terrace
Sandford Court
Sandford Road (4-54 even)
Sibthorpe Lane
Smith's Cottages
Sraid Chill Liosain, Uacht (21)
St. Anne's Terrace
St. Annes
Swan Mews
Swan Place
Temple Place
Warners Lane
Warwick Terrace
Westmoreland Park
Willbrook House
Winton Road
Woodstock Court
Woodstock Gardens
Alma Court, Mountpleasant Avenue, Upper
Alma Terrace
Athlumney Villas
Belgrave Court
Belgrave Mews
Belgrave Square, North (48-53)

  Polling Station Table/Box 351

Belgrave Square, North (54-60)
Belgrave Terrace
Bessborough Court
Bessborough Hall
Bessborough Parade
Castlewood Avenue (1-19)
Castlewood Court
Castlewood Lodge
Castlewood Terrace
Charleston Court
Charleston House
Charleston Road (1-24)
Cheltenham Place
Clifton Mews
Court View, Rathmines
Fahan Mews
Fortescue Lane
Garden View
Gulistan Cottages
Gulistan Place
Gulistan Terrace
Hazelwood House
Ivy Cottages
Kensington Villas
Mountpleasant Avenue, Lower
Mountpleasant Avenue, Upper
Mountpleasant Parade
Mountpleasant Place (1-12B)
Mountpleasant Square
Mountpleasant Terrace, Upper

  Polling Station Table/Box 352

Mountpleasant Terrace (2-15)
Mountpleasant Terrace (15-44)
Mountpleasant Villas
Newington Terrace
Observatory Court
Observatory Lane
Ontario Court
Ontario Terrace
Oxford Court
Oxford Grove
Oxford Lodge
Oxford Road (1-9 odd)
Price's Place
Ranelagh Court
Ranelagh Mews
Ranelagh Road (1-33)
Rathmines Road, Lower (2-274)
Rathmines Town Centre
Richmond Hill
Richmond Manor
Richmond Mews
Richmond Place
Rugby Road
Rugby Villas
Sherborne Court
St. Bernadette's Hall (Richmond Hill)
Swan Grove
The Innings
The Mews, Castlewood Terrace
Walker's Cottages

  Polling Station Table/Box 353

Walker's Court
Albany Road (1-30)
Annesley Park
Beechwood Avenue, Upper
Beechwood Road (13-19)
Belgrave Road (37-41)
Bóthar Maighean (39, 64, 85)
Bóthar na dTúdarach (17)
Brookfield Court
Cowper Care Nursing Home
Cowper Court
Cowper Drive
Cowper Gardens
Cowper Road (31-50)
Dunville Avenue
Dunville Court
Edenvale Road (1-26)

  Polling Station Table/Box 354

Edenvale Road (28-67)
Killeen Road
Merton Drive (2-4)
Merton Road
Milltown Path
Mountain View Road (4-60A even)
Moyne Court
Moyne Road
Ormond Road, South
Palmerston Close
Palmerston Lane
Palmerston Park (13-26)
Palmerston Park
Palmerston Road (42-72)

  Polling Station Table/Box 355

Palmerston Road (72-86)
Park Drive
Park House
Richmond Avenue, South (East Side)
Richview Park
Temple Gardens
Temple Road (13-31 odd)
Temple Villas (1-4)
The Mageough
Tudor Road
Windsor Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 356

Albany Road (31-38)
Anna Villa
Ashfield Avenue
Ashfield Road (1-57)
Ashfield Road (59-93)
Ashling Court
Beechwood Avenue, Lower
Beechwood Cottages
Beechwood House
Beechwood Park
Beechwood Road (1-12)
Belgrave Road
Belgrave Square, East (1-20) (22)
Belgrave View
Belgrave Villas
Bóthar Albain (32)
Ceide Mheirtean (54)
Charleston Avenue
Charleston Heights
Charleston Road (25-59)
Chester Gardens
Chester Road
Collier's Avenue
Cullenswood Gardens
Dunville Avenue (2-62 even)
Elm Park Avenue (1-24)

  Polling Station Table/Box 357

Elm Park Avenue (24-34)
Elmwood Avenue
Field's Terrace
Mander's Terrace
Merton Drive
Morans Cottages
Mornington Court
Mornington Road
Mountain View Cottages
Mountain View Road (1A, 1, 2, 3-59 odd)
Mountpleasant Place (13-19)
Oakley Court
Oakley House
Oakley Park
Oakley Road
Oakley Square
Old Mount Pleasant
Oxford Court (4-7)
Oxford Lane
Oxford Road (2-36)
Ranelagh Village (1-129 odd)
Sandford Road (1-35A odd)
Sandford Row
Sandford Square
Selskar Terrace
Wellington Gardens

  Polling Station Table/Box 358

Cremorne Apartments
Dartry Park
Dartry Road (24-44)
Miltown Road, Richmond Avenue, South
Richmond Avenue, South (7-9)
Richmond Court
South Hill
Temple Park
Temple Road (2-48)
Upper Cross House
Acorn House
Ascaill Fhiodh an Chaisleain (20)
Avendale House
Belgrave Place
Belgrave Road (1-32)
Belgrave Square (20-23)

  Polling Station Table/Box 359

Belgrave Square (23-47)
Bhaile Phamar (38)
Bóthar Belgrave (24)
Bóthar Rath Maonais, Uacht (68)(176)
Cambridge Court
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Villas
Castlewood Avenue (20-40)
Castlewood Close
Castlewood Park
Castlewood Place
Cearnóg Belgrave (21)
Church Avenue (1-5)
Church Gardens
Church Lane
Church of Ireland, Tr. College
Cowper Downs
Cowper Mews
Cowper Mews End
Cowper Road (1-30E) (51-80)
Cowper Village (1-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 360

Cowper Village (16-56)
Denver House
Esker Villas
Fortfield Gardens
Fortfield Terrace
Hunbington House
Methodist Widow Home
Na Seacht nDair (38)
Palmerston Court
Palmerston Gardens
Palmerston Park (1-12B)
Palmerston Road (1-41)
Palmerston Villas
Rathmines Road, Lower (276-312 even)
Rathmines Road, Upper (2-196)
Rossaun House
Seven Oaks
Stable Lane
Summerville Park
Temple Villas (5-18)
The Turrets

  Polling Station Table/Box 361

Ardee Court
Ardee Grove
Ardee Road
Blackberry Lane
Carlton Court
Cathal Brugha Barracks
Cois Eala (1-26)
Cosy Lodge
Grosvenor Court
Grosvenor Lane
Grosvenor Lodge
Grosvenor Square
Grove House
Grove Park (1-65)

  Polling Station Table/Box 362

Grove Park (65-107)
Grove Road (1, 17-35)
Leinster Hall
Leinster Road (1-97)
Louis Lane
Military Road
Miranda Lodge
Mount Anthony (East)
Mount Anthony (North)
Mount Anthony (South)
Mount Anthony (West)
Mount Anthony, Ardee Road
Pavillion View
Portobello Harbour
Rathmines Road, Lower (1-167 odd)
Rathmines Square
Rathmines Wood
Saddlers Court
Saddlers Place
The Park
Williams Park

  Polling Station Table/Box 363

Charleville Close
Charleville Road
Greenwich Court
Grosvenor Road
Leinster Road (127-153)
Leinster Square
Prince Arthur Terrace
Rathgar Court
Rathgar Road (1-47)
Rathmines Road, Lower (169-223 odd)
Spireview Court
Swanville Place
Wynnefield House
Wynnefield Park
Wynnefield Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 364

Armstrong Street
Ashworth Place
Bóthar Chrois Araild (147)
Darley Street
Drummond Place
Emmet Street
Eyre Court
Fitzgerald Street
Greenfield Place
Grove Avenue
Grove Road (36-80)
Grove Village
Harold's Cross Cottages
Harold's Cross Road (1-171)

  Polling Station Table/Box 365

Harold's Cross Road (173-203)
Iostain Chrois Araild (54)
Le Vere Terrace
Leinster Park
Leinster Place
Mount Drummond Avenue
Mount Drummond Court
Mount Drummond Square
O'Hara Avenue
Park View (102/113)
Parkview Avenue
Parkview Court
St. Clare's Terrace
Wharton Terrace
Zuma Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 366

Auburn House
Auburn Villas
Beltree House
Belville Avenue
Bóthar a Eabhrac (1)
Bóthar Rath Maonais (179)
Fairfield Park
Frankfort Avenue
Garville Court
Garville Road
Grove House
Highfield Road (50-84)
Linden Court
Madison House
Maxwell Court
Maxwell House (1)

  Polling Station Table/Box 367

Maxwell House (1-9)
Maxwell Lane
Maxwell Road
Menlough Lodge
Neville Road
Pairc Rath Maonais (31)
Rathgar Place
Rathgar Road (109-196)
Rathmines Avenue (1-74)
Rathmines Court
Rathmines Close
Rathmines Park
Rathmines Road, Upper (1-59)

  Polling Station Table/Box 368

Rathmines Road, Upper (61-239)
Roland Court
Roskeen House
Salem House
Stone Mews
Templemore Avenue
Vernon Grove
Villiers Road
Woodleigh Ash
Woodleigh Elm
Woodleigh Oak
York Avenue
York Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 369

Airfield Road
Alexandra Terrace
Ardán Fhearann Dara (19)
Ascal Garville (14)(61)
Ascal Rath Garbh (47)
Avondale Beaumont House, Terenure Road East
Bóthar Whitton (6)
Brighton Avenue
Brighton Cross
Brighton Gardens
Brighton Green
Brighton Mews
Brighton Road
Brighton Square
Brighton View
Carlisle Court
Coulson Avenue (1-25)

  Polling Station Table/Box 370

Coulson Avenue (25-29)
Eagle Hill Avenue
Earl's Court
Ferrard Road
Frankfort Court
Garville Avenue
Garville Drive
Garville House
Garville Lane
Garville Mews
Garville Place
Garville Terrace
Harmac Court
Harold's Cross Road (257-347)
Harrison's Row
Healthfield Road
Hildon House
Hillcrest House
Kenilworth Mews
Kenilworth Square (44-66A)
Leicester Avenue (1-7B)
Leicester Court
Maple Court
McMorrough Road
Oakland Terrace
Olney Mews
Queen of Peace Centre, Garville Avenue
Rathgar Avenue (1-4)

  Polling Station Table/Box 371

Rathgar Avenue (4-70)
Rathgar Road (48-108)
Rathgar Villas
Rathmore Villas
St. Enda's Road
Sycamore Court
Terenure Road, East (2-98)
Terenure Road, North (1-107 odd)
Tower Avenue
Tower Villas
Victoria Village
Victoria Villas
Wesley Road
Whitton Road
Winton Avenue
Winton Mews

  Polling Station Table/Box 372

Ashbrook House
Bushes Lane
Eagle Lodge
Effra Road
Grosvenor Park
Grosvenor Place
Grosvenor Road (16-33)
Grosvenor Villas
Harold's Cross Road (213A-241 odd)
Kenilworth Lane
Kenilworth Road
Kenilworth Square (1-43) (67-89A)
Le Bas Terrace
Leicester Avenue (8A-15)
Leinster Road (100-126A)
Leinster Road, West
Mount Harold Terrace
Waverley Terrace
Woodford Court