List of Streets per Table/Box Number

Dublin South Central

  Polling Station Table/Box 373

Ballyfermot Road (333-515 odd)
Blackditch Court
Blackditch Drive
Blackditch Road
Carna Road (1-14)

  Polling Station Table/Box 374

Carna Road (15-31)
Claddagh Court
Claddagh Green
Claddagh Road
Clifden Drive
Clifden Road
Inagh Road
Le Fanu Road (201-209, 5AB)
Moycullen Road (1-21)

  Polling Station Table/Box 375

Moycullen Road (22-32)
Oranmore Close
Oranmore Road
Orchard Lawn
Spiddal Park
Spiddal Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 376

Ballyfermot Road (272-512 even)
Cleggan Avenue
Cleggan Park
Cleggan Road
Colepark Avenue
Colepark Drive
Colepark Green

  Polling Station Table/Box 377

Colepark Road
Drumfinn Avenue
Drumfinn Park
Drumfinn Road
Father Lemass Court
Gurteen Avenue
Gurteen Park
Gurteen Road
Kylemore Road (1-199 odd)
Le Fanu Road
Lough Conn Avenue (1A-7)

  Polling Station Table/Box 378

Lough Conn Avenue (8-27)
Lough Conn Drive
Lough Conn Road
Lough Conn Terrace
Lucan Road (77A-77L)
Rossaveal Court
Rossmore Avenue
Rossmore Drive
Rossmore Road
Westpark House

  Polling Station Table/Box 379

Ballyfermot Road (Mountain View Hostel)
Blackditch Road (274-318)
Bridge View, St. Oliver's Park
Cedarbrook Avenue
Cedarbrook Place
Cedarbrook Walk
Cedarbrook Way
Cherry Orchard Avenue (100-178)(103)
Cherry Orchard Cottages
Cherry Orchard Green (1-41)
Cherry Orchard Hospital

  Polling Station Table/Box 380

Cherry Orchard Hospital
Elmdale Close
Elmdale Crescent
Elmdale Drive
Elmdale Park
St. Oliver's Park
The Orchard Apartments
Barneville Park
Cherry Orchard Avenue (1-98)

  Polling Station Table/Box 381

Cherry Orchard Avenue (99-101)
Cherry Orchard Court
Cherry Orchard Crescent
Cherry Orchard Drive (1-33)(2-42)
Cherry Orchard Grove
Cherry Orchard Parade
Cherry Orchard Park
Cherry Orchard Way
Clifden Terrace
Cloverhill Drive
Cloverhill Road (1-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 382

Cloverhill Road (15-139)
Croftwood Crescent
Croftwood Drive
Croftwood Gardens (1-33)
Croftwood Green
Croftwood Grove (1-36)
Croftwood Park (1-5)

  Polling Station Table/Box 383

Croftwood Park (6-93)
Killeen Cottages
Killeen Hall
Le Fanu Drive
Raheen Drive
Raheen Park
The Academy Building, Park West Pointe
The Concert Building, Park West Pointe
The Crescent Building, Park West Pointe

  Polling Station Table/Box 384

Ballyfermot Avenue
Ballyfermot Crescent
Ballyfermot Drive (1-81)

  Polling Station Table/Box 385

Ballyfermot Drive (81-192)
Ballyfermot Parade
Ballyfermot Road (213-331 odd)
Bóthar Le Fanu (378)
Kylemore Avenue
Kylemore Drive (1-110)

  Polling Station Table/Box 386

Kylemore Drive (110-155)
Kylemore Grove
Kylemore Road, West
Labre Park
Le Fanu Road (196-442 even)
Ballyfermot Road (1A-9 odd)
Chapelizod Hill Road
Convent Lawns, Chapelizod
Sarsfield Road Part, North Side, St. Laurence
St. Laurence Court, Lower

  Polling Station Table/Box 387

Belgrove Lawn
Belgrove Park
Ceide Ghleann Alainn (5)
Chapel Hill
Chapel Manor
Chapel View
Chapelizod Court
Chapelizod Moorings
Chapelizod Road (122-133)
Cnoc Mhuire (6) (48)
Cuirt Sheipeal Iosid (7)
Deer Park, 96-120 Lucan Road
Drummond House
Glenaulin Drive
Glenaulin Nursing Home, Lucan Road
Glenaulin Park
Hibernian Terrace
Isoldes Gardens
Kings Hall
Knock Riada
Laurence Brook (2-5)

  Polling Station Table/Box 388

Laurence Brook (6-28)
Liffey Terrace
Lucan Road (1-75 odd) (2-156 even)
Maiden Road
Main Street
Martin's Row
Maryfield Nursing Home, Lucan Road
Mulberry Cottages
Mulligar Terrace
New Row
Pairc Ghleann Alainn (6) (24)
Park Lane
Phoenix View Street
River View Court
St. Laurence Cottages
St. Laurence Glen
St. Laurence Grove
St. Laurence Road
St. Laurence Terrace
St. Mary's Terrace
The Island
The Mill Race
The Steeples
The Weir (1-56)
Weir View (off Glenaulin)

  Polling Station Table/Box 389

Ballyfermot Road (73-211 odd)
Bóthar na Coille Moire (326)(304)
Bóthar Ramillies (38)
Cremona Road
Decies Road
Garryowen Road (3-56)

  Polling Station Table/Box 390

Garryowen Road (56-59)
Kylemore Road (200-354 even)
Landen Road (207-453)(170-382)
Muskerry Road (1-83)

  Polling Station Table/Box 391

Muskerry Road (84-92)
O'Hogan Road (2-50 even)
Ramillies Road
Thomond Road
Ballyfermot Road (21-71 odd)
Ballyneety Road (1-53)

  Polling Station Table/Box 392

Ballyneety Road (53-79)
Decies Road (1-77)(2-78)
Father Bidine Court
First Avenue
Floravilla, Sarsfield Road
Lally Road
Landen Road (1-85)

  Polling Station Table/Box 393

Landen Road (86-205)
Liffey Street, South
Meadow View
O'Hogan Road
O'Moore Road
Park Street
Phoenix Street
Sarsfield Court
Sarsfield Road (67-281) (56-60B)
Seven Oaks

  Polling Station Table/Box 394

Bóthar Thir Chonaill (94A)
Grattan Court
Grattan Crescent, West Side (2-14)
Hampton Court
Jamestown Avenue
Jamestown Court
Jamestown Road
Jamestown Square
Nash Street
New Road, Inchicore
Oblate Drive
Oblate Fathers House of Retreat
Oblate View
O'Donohoe Street
Partridge Terrace (2-23)

  Polling Station Table/Box 395

Partridge Terrace (23-28)
Railway Avenue
Ring Street
Ring Terrace
St. James Place
The Works
Tyrconnell Park
Tyrconnell Place
Tyrconnell Road (ex 109A and 109C)
Tyrconnell Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 396

Bernard Curtis Court (Bluebell Road)
Bernard Curtis House
Bluebell Avenue
Bluebell Lane
Bluebell Road
Bóthar an Náis (16)
Camac Park
Canal Bank, Southside
Canal Terrace
Grove Court
Hollybrook (Bluebell Avenue)
Huband Road (1-24)

  Polling Station Table/Box 397

Huband Road (24-103)
Kylemore Road (Grand Canal to Naas Road)
La Touche Court
La Touche Drive
La Touche Road
Lansdowne Hall
Millrose Estate
Naas Road (41-113 odd) (10-118 even)
Naas Road, Old
Sheldon Park Apartments
The Laurels
Killeen Road
Ballymount Cottages
Fox and Geese Houses
Naas Road, Clondalkin
Robinhood Park
Robinhood Road, Upper

  Polling Station Table/Box 398

Benbulbin Road (2-56 even)
Benmadigan Road
Bóthar Shliabh Speirín (37)
Carrow Road
Comeragh Road (177-193) (166-190)
Cooley Close
Cooley Road (142-233)

  Polling Station Table/Box 399

Cooley Road (233-350)
Davitt House
Davitt Terrace
Galtymore Close
Galtymore Park
Galtymore Road (1-223)(2-278)
Kilworth Road (1A-16)

  Polling Station Table/Box 400

Kilworth Road (17-179 consec 180-280 even)
Lansdowne Valley Crescent
Lansdowne Valley Park
Mourne Road (38-428)
Sperrin Road (1-59) (2-54)

  Polling Station Table/Box 401

Ascaill Chnoc na Riabh (12)
Benbulbin Avenue
Benbulbin Road (58-104 even)
Cooley Road (2-140 even)
Crumlin Road (298-338 even)
Curlew Road
Dromore Road
Knocknarea Avenue (1-34)

  Polling Station Table/Box 402

Knocknarea Avenue (38-72)
Knocknarea Road
Lissadel Avenue (24A-50)(49-75)
Lissadel Drive
Lissadel Green
Lissadel Road (2-86)
Mourne Road (79-263)
Rafter's Avenue
Rafter's Court
Rafter's Lane (7-16)
Rafter's Road (2A-24)

  Polling Station Table/Box 403

Rafter's Road (24-208)
Slievemore Road
Sperrin Road (61-221) (56-124)

  Polling Station Table/Box 404

Benbulbin Road (1-73 odd)
Bóthar Shliabh Coimeatla (240)
Brickfield Drive
Crumlin Road (134-296 even)
Dolphin Road (45-158)
Galtymore Drive
Galtymore Road (225-303)

  Polling Station Table/Box 405

Galtymore Road (304-407 consec 410-530 even)
Herberton Road (1-47 odd)
Iveagh Gardens
Keeper Road (1-216)

  Polling Station Table/Box 406

Keeper Road (216-280)
Knocknarea Avenue
Lissadel Avenue
Lissadel Court
Lissadel Road (1-39 odd)
Moracrete Cottages, Crumlin Road
Mourne Road (265-463)(430-618)
Rafter's Lane (1-6)
Slievenamon Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 407

Clogher Road (54-432 even)
Rutland Avenue (131-145 odd)
Rutland Grove
Sundrive Park
Sundrive Road (27-87)

  Polling Station Table/Box 408

Aughavanagh Road
Clogher Road (41-407 odd)
Crumlin Road (31-81 odd)(2-108 even)
Crumlin Road Flats
Dolphin Court
Dolphin Road
Glenealy Road
Herberton Drive
Herberton Road (58/60)(10-36)

  Polling Station Table/Box 409

Herberton Road (40-74)
Parnell Road (60-136)
Rathdrum Road
Rutland Avenue
Rutland Avenue Flats
Sundrive Road (189-265 odd)
Swanward Court (Parnell Road)

  Polling Station Table/Box 410

Ardagh Road
Ashling Close
Bangor Drive
Bangor Road (21-77 odd) (22-96 even)
Clogher Road
Clonard Road (1-65 odd)
Crumlin Road (83-199 odd)
Downpatrick Road
Fort Ostman
Fort Ostman Wood
Kildare Road (64-188)

  Polling Station Table/Box 411

Kildare Road (188-282)
Old County Glen
Old County Road (1-123)(2-142)
Saul Road
Seanghleann an Chontae (35)
Slane Road
Sundrive Road (190-308 even)

  Polling Station Table/Box 412

Arbutus Avenue
Boyne Court
Church Park Avenue
Church Park Court
Church Park Drive
Church Park Lawn
Church Park Way
Gandon Close
Goldstone Court, Clogher Road
Greenmount Avenue
Greenmount Court
Greenmount Lane, East
Greenmount Lane, West
Greenmount Square
Harold's Bridge Court
Harold's Cross Road (2-172 even)
Kimmage Road Lower (1-167B)
Lawrence's Court (2-20)

  Polling Station Table/Box 413

Lawrence's Court (21-43)
Limekiln Lane
Manor Court
Manor Villas (Mount Argus Grove) (1-24)
Mount Argus Avenue
Mount Argus Close
Mount Argus Court
Mount Argus Crescent
Mount Argus Green
Mount Argus Grove
Mount Argus Park
Mount Argus Road
Mount Argus Square
Mount Argus Terrace
Mount Argus View
Mount Argus
Our Lady's Hospice, Harolds Cross (part)
Parnell Avenue
Parnell Court
Parnell Road (1-59)
St. Clare's Avenue
St. Glady's Nursing Home
St Martin's Drive
St Martin's Park

  Polling Station Table/Box 414

Bóthar Chromghlinne (279)
Clonard Road (2-80 even)
Crumlin Park
Crumlin Road (201-425 odd)
Crumlin Village, East Side
Fernvale Drive
Kildare Park
Kildare Road (221-233)

  Polling Station Table/Box 415

Kildare Road (235-389)
Old County Road (125-147) (144-162)
Raleigh Square
Raphoe Road
Rockmeade Court
St. Mary's Road (1-17 odd)
Windmill Crescent
Windmill Lodge
Windmill Road (1-37) (2-84)

  Polling Station Table/Box 416

Armagh Road (8-20 even)
Bóthar Dhoire (81)
Captain's Road (293-403) (328-422)
Cashel Road
Derry Drive
Derry Park
Derry Road (1-87)

  Polling Station Table/Box 417

Derry Road (87-98)
St. Agnes Park (22-82 even)
Windmill Avenue
Windmill Park
Windmill Road (39-233 odd)
Armagh Road (1-5) (2-6)
Bangor Road (79-129) (98-138)
Bóthar Fhochaird (8)
Cashel Road (1-21)

  Polling Station Table/Box 418

Cashel Road (23-225)
Clogher Road (2-50)
Clonard Road (67-219, 82-332)
Clonmacnoise Grove
Clonmacnoise Road (3-99)

  Polling Station Table/Box 419

Clonmacnoise Road (99-185)
Durrow Road
Faughart Road
Ferns Road
Kells Road
Kildare Road
Leighlin Road (1-17)

  Polling Station Table/Box 420

Leighlin Road (18-177)
Lismore Road
Monasterboice Road
Stannaway Road (2-194 even)
Sundrive Road (88-188 even)

  Polling Station Table/Box 421

An Mainear Royston (1)
Armagh Road (7-35 odd)
Bóthar San Treasa (8)
Brookfield Court
Brookfield Estate
Brookfield Green
Captain's Avenue
Captain's Drive
Captain's Road (61-220)

  Polling Station Table/Box 422

Captain's Road (221-326)
Cashel Avenue
Cashel Road (168-384 even)
Kimmage Road, West (46-196)
Lorcan O'Toole Court
Lorcan O'Toole Park (1-22)

  Polling Station Table/Box 423

Lorcan O'Toole Park (24-44)
Park Crescent
Ravensdale Close
Ravensdale Drive
Ravensdale Park (2-26 even)
Royston Court
Royston Village
St. Agnes Park (37-87)
St. Agnes Road (39-99 odd)
St. Teresa's Lane
St. Teresa's Road
Stannaway Avenue
Stannaway Court
Stannaway Road (129-199) (196-270)
The Manor, Royston

  Polling Station Table/Box 424

Ashe Wood House, Kimmage Road Lower
Bangor Road (131-217) (140-212)
Blarney Park
Cashel Road (227-285 odd)
Clonard Court
Clonard Road (388-462) (598-633)
Clonfert Road
Cloyne Road
Devenish Road (1-69)

  Polling Station Table/Box 425

Devenish Road (69-100)
Gran-u-aile, Kimmage Road Lower (1-2)
Hazel Park
Kilfenora Road
Kimmage Road, Lower (169-357)
Larissa Court, Kimmage Road Lower
Poddle Close
Poddle Green
Poddle Park
Poddle Park Road
Ravensdale Park (1-43 odd)
Riverside (Poddle Park)
Stannaway Road (1-127 odd)
Sundrive Court
Sundrive Road (2-86 even)
Tonguefield Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 426

Adrian Avenue
Aideen Avenue (2-36 even)
Aideen Mews
Ascal Achadh na Faiseoige (8)
Bedford Court
Bóthar Sheanaid (8)
Casimir Avenue
Casimir Court
Casimir Road
Cedar Court (Mount Tallant Avenue)
Cherry Court (Mount Tallant Avenue)
Clareville House
Clareville Road
Derravaragh Road (1-7 odd) (2-16 even)
Fitzpatrick Cottages
Gairdini Achadh na Faiseoige (123)
Harold's Cross Road (174-390)
Kenilworth Lodge
Kenilworth Manor, 346 Harolds Cross Road
Kenilworth Park (1-27)
Kenilworth Park (27-108)
Kimmage Grove
Kimmage Road, Lower (2-282)
Larkfield Avenue

  Polling Station Table/Box 427

Kenilworth Park
Kimmage Grove
Kimmage Road Lower
Larkfield Avenue
Larkfield Gardens
Larkfield Grove (1-57)

  Polling Station Table/Box 428

Larkfield Grove (59-135)
Larkfield Park
Maple Drive
Mount Tallant Avenue (1-143)
Mountain View Avenue
Mountain View Court
Mountain View Mews
Pairc Kenilworth (68)(87)
Priory Road
Ryan's Cottages
Shamrock Villas
Shanid Road
Sion Hill Avenue
The Cloisters
Tivoli Avenue
Westfield Road
Wilfrid Road
Wilfrid Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 429

Aideen Avenue (1-21)
Aideen Drive
Ashdale Avenue
Ashdale Gardens
Ashdale Park
Ashdale Road
Ashfield Park
Corrib Road
Derravaragh Road (9-64)

  Polling Station Table/Box 430

Derravaragh Road (65-76)
Eaton Court, Terenure Road North
Eaton Hall
Eaton Road
Eaton Square
Elmpark Terrace
Greenlea Place
Hannaville Park
Harold's Cross Road
Hazelbrook Court
Hazelbrook Drive
Hazelbrook Road
Kimmage Court
Kimmage Road, Lower (284-372)
Mayfield Road
Mayfield Road, East
Melvin Road (1-10)

  Polling Station Table/Box 431

Melvin Road (11-123)
Merrick House, Eaton Road
Mount Tallant Avenue (2-136 even)
Neagh Road
Rathdown Court
Riversdale Grove
Temple Hill
Terenure Court
Terenure Park
Terenure Place (1-13 odd)
Terenure Road, West (1-149 odd)
Terenure Road, North (2-142 even)
The Grange
The Hall
The Laurels
Westhampton Place
Yewlands Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 432

Bóthar Teach Mealog (31)
Cranford Court, 116 Terenure Road West
Fortfield Court
Fortfield Road (4-94 even)
Glenavy Park
Greenlea Avenue
Greenlea Drive
Greenlea Grove
Greenlea Park
Greenlea Road
Harvey Nursing Home
Horton Court
Lakelands Park
Lavarna Grove (1-13)

  Polling Station Table/Box 433

Lavarna Grove (13-71)
Lavarna Road
Minnowbrook House, 26 Terenure Road West
Olney Crescent
Olney Grove
Parkmore Drive
Templeogue Road (1-175 odd)
Terenure Road West (2-140)

  Polling Station Table/Box 434

Cormac Terrace
Fergus Road
Rathdown Avenue
Rathdown Crescent
Rathdown Drive
Rathdown Park
Rathdown Villas
Rathfarnham Road (1-71 odd)
Templeogue Road (2-50A)

  Polling Station Table/Box 435

Ballymount Road (Part of)
Ballymount Square
Céide Bhaile Bhailcín (29)
Kilnamanagh Court
Kilnamanagh Road
Lansdowne Gate
Lansdowne Valley
Long Mile Road
Slievebloom Park
Walkinstown Avenue
Walkinstown Close
Walkinstown Crescent (1-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 436

Walkinstown Crescent (16-72)
Walkinstown Drive
Walkinstown Green
Walkinstown Parade
Walkinstown Park
Walkinstown Road (2-174 even)
Ballymount Road
Ballymount Road, Upper
Greenhills Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 437

Bóthar an Chomaraigh (142)
Bóthar na Hearagaile (311)
Brandon Road
Comeragh Road (1-175)(2-164)
Cooley Road (49-63)

  Polling Station Table/Box 438

Cooley Road (65-143)
Donard Road
Drimnagh Road (2-90)
Dromard Road
Errigal Gardens
Errigal Road
Lansdowne Valley Apartments
Mangerton Road (1-48)

  Polling Station Table/Box 439

Mangerton Road (48-179)
Mourne Road (1-77 odd)
Our Lady's Hospital, Crumlin Road
Slievebloom Road
Sperrin Road (126-130 even)
Balfe Road
Bunting Road (1-145 odd) (201-238)
Drimnagh Road (Odd Nos)
Field Avenue
Hardebeck Avenue
Harty Avenue
Harty Court
Hughes Road, East (1-26)

  Polling Station Table/Box 440

Hughes Road, East (28-43)
Hughes Road, North
Hughes Road, South
St. Mary's Crescent
St. Mary's Drive
St. Mary's Park
St. Mary's Road
Stanford Green
Thomas Moore Road
Walkinstown Road (Odd Nos)

  Polling Station Table/Box 441

Ascaill ut Chrotaigh (13)
Balfe Avenue
Balfe Road, East
Bigger Road
Bunting Road (2-144 even)
Cromwellsfort Road (odd nos)
Crotty Avenue
Crumlin Village
Dowland Road (1-104)

  Polling Station Table/Box 442

Dowland Road (105-148)
Esposito Road
Father Kitt Court
John McCormack Avenue
Lisle Road
Moeran Road
O'Brien Road
O'Dwyer Road
Percy French Road
Somerville Avenue
Somerville Court
Somerville Drive
Somerville Green
Somerville Park
St. Agnes Road, Crumlin
St. Agnes Terrace
Wallace Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 443

Abercorn Square
Abercorn Terrace
Altham Court
Beaconsfield Court
Bellevue Camac Court
Emmet Road (205-207A odd)
Granite Terrace
Grattan Crescent (East Side 7-26C)
Heuston Square
Inchicore Road
Inchicore Square
Inchicore Terrace, North (2-12)

  Polling Station Table/Box 444

Inchicore Terrace, North (13-26)
Inchicore Terrace, South
Inchicore Terrace, West
Island Bridge Court Flats
Kilmainham Square
Memorial Court
Memorial Park
Metropolitan Apartments
Murray's Cottages, Sarsfield Road
Rosemount Court
South Circular Road (647-765 odd)
St. George's Villas
St. Patrick's Terrace
The Belfry
The Laurels
Wheaton Court
Woodfield Avenue
Woodfield Place
Woodfield Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 445

Anner Road
Berry's Close
Berry's Court
Bóthar Emmet (3)
Bulfin Court
Bulfin Gardens
Bulfin House
Bulfin Road
Camac Crescent
Connolly Avenue
Connolly Gardens
Croft Nursing Home
Davis Court
Devoy Road (1-31)
Emmet Court Townhouses (2-4)

  Polling Station Table/Box 446

Emmet Court Townhouses (4-10E)
Emmet Crescent
Emmet House Apartments
Emmet Lodge Apartments
Emmet Manor Apartments
Emmet Road (1-203 odd)(2-128 even)
Gairdini Bulfin (8)
Garran Thir Chonaill (17)
Goldenbridge Avenue
Goldenbridge Gardens
Goldenbridge Terrace
Goldenbridge Walk
Harcourt Lodge
Kickham Road
Kilmainham Bank (Block A2-D104)

  Polling Station Table/Box 447

Kilmainham Bank (Block D104-D123)
Kilmainham Orchard
Luby Road
Mill View Cottages
Myra Close
O'Leary Road
River Court
South Circular Road (623-645 odd)
Southern Cross Avenue
St. Helen's Terrace
St. Michael's Estate
St. Vincent Street, West
Stephen's Road Suir Road (1-31)
The Lock House
The Orchard
The Tram Yard
Thomas Davis Street, West
Thornton Heights
Turvey Avenue
Tyrconnell Grove
Tyrone Place (new flats)
Woodlands Home

  Polling Station Table/Box 448

Augustine Court
Bank House
Bridge Street, Lower
Bridgefoot Street (1 - 37)
City Gate
Cook Street
Crompton Hall
Emmet Place
Friary Close
High Street (1 - 24A)
John's Court
Mellowes Quay
Merchant Quay
Miller's Hall Apartments
Oliver Bond House (Blocks R,S,T)
Oliver Bond House, Bridgefoot Street
St. Audoen's House, Cook Street
St. Audoen's House
St. Audoen's Terrace
St. Augustine Street
St. Catherine's Court
St. Michael's Close
Thomas Street (80-131)
Traders Wharf Usher's Quay
Watergate Apartments
West Gate Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 449

Ash Grove
Ash Street
Audoen House, Ardilaun Court
Back Lane
Bertram Court
Brabazon Square
Bromley Court (106 Francis Street)
Burgh House, Ardilaun Court
Carman's Court
Carman's Hall
Cassel House, Ardilaun Court
Catherines Close
Catherine Street
Chaworth Terrace
Clarence Mangan Square
Comyn House, Ardilaun Court
Craike House, Dean Court
Crostick Court
Cuirt Tandy (27)
Davis Court
Davis Place
Dawson House, Dean Court
Dean Swift Square
Dillon Place, South
Earl Street, South
Earlsfield Court, Francis Street
Engine Alley
Francis Court
Francis Street
Garden View Court
Gray Square
Gray Street
Griffith Terrace
Hanbury Court
Hanbury Hall
Hanbury Mews
Hanover Court
Hanover House, Ardilaun Court
Hanover Lane
Hanover Square
Hanover Street, West
Jellett House, Dean Court
John Dillon Street (1B-5)

  Polling Station Table/Box 450

John Dillon Street (7-54)
La Rochelle
Liberty Square (Hanbury Lane)
Lime Court
Lindsay House, Dean Court
Mark's Alley
Meath Mart
Meath Place
Meath Square
Meath Street
Meath Terrace
Michael Mallin House
Nicholas House, Ardilaun Court
Ovenden House, Dean Court
Pakenham House, Dean Court
Park House, Ardilaun Court
Park Street
Park Terrace
Pimlico (1-35, 73-77)
Power's Square
Reginald Square
Reginald Street
Rochford House, Dean Court
Slane House, Ardilaun Court
St. Francis Square
St. Nicholas Place
Stearne House, Dean Court
Swift Hall (The Coombe)
Swift House, Ardilaun Court
Tandy Court
The Coombe (1-71)
The Weavers
Thirlestane Terrace
Thomas Court (27A - 37)
Thomas Davis Street, South
Thomas Street (28A - 79)
Vicar Court
Viking Court
West House, Dean Court
Wilson's Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 451

Allingham Street
Ardree Court
Ardee Street
Brabazon Court
Brabazon Hall
Brabazon House
Brabazon Street
Braithwaite Street
Brown Street, South (1-4)
Cathedral Court
Chamber Street
Coombe Court
Cork Street (1-39) (91-136A)
Dean Street (1-7)
Foirginte Watkins (15)
Fumbally Lane
Ivy Terrace
John Street, South
Lauderdale Terrace
Malpas Place
Malpas Terrace
Marion Villas
Marrowbone Lane
McClean's Court (2-3)

  Polling Station Table/Box 452

McClean's Court (4-6)
New Court
New Row Place
New Row, South
New Row Square
Newmarket Hall
Newmarket Square
Newmarket Street
Oscar Square (11-30)
Pimlico (36-72A)
Pimlico Cottages (or Square)
Pimlico Terrace
Poole Street
Pyro Villas
Robinson's Court
Sophia House
Spencer's Terrace (109-110)
St John's Avenue
St Luke's Gate (8)
St Luke's Gate (8-38)
St. John's Avenue
St. Margaret's Avenue, South
Summer Street, South
The Barley House
The Coombe (73-129)
The Maltings
The Mill, Weaver Square
The Timberyard
Watkin's Buildings
Watkin's Square
Weaver's Close
Weaver's Row
Weaver's Square (1-7) (13-18)
Weaver's Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 453

Bellvilla Community Unit
Brainboro Terrace
Bridge House
Clanbrassil Close
Clanbrassil Street, Lower (56-103)
Clanbrassil Street, Upper (1-32A)
Clanbrassil Terrace
Donore Avenue (69A-E, 71-79 odd)
Dufferin Avenue
Greenville Avenue (4A-14)
Greenville Place Apartments (1-54)

  Polling Station Table/Box 454

Greenville Place Apartments (58-95)
Greenville Terrace
Griffith College Halls of Residence
Leonards Court
Liberty Court
Raymond Street
Saisburt Apartments
South Circular Road (117- 201B, 116-246)
St. Alban's Road
St. Patrick's Court (74-77)
The Warehouse
Washington Street
Wesley Place
Wolseley Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 455

Blackpitts (9-13A) (23-41)
Bóthar Dhun Uabhair (3)
Clarence Mangan Road
Donore Avenue (11-69 odd)
Donore Road, South
Donore Terrace
Ebenezer Terrace
Fairview Villas
Geoffrey Keating Road
Gilbert Road
Greenville Avenue (15-32)
Greenville Parade
Hamilton Street
Hammond Street
Hammond Villas
Harman Street
Ingram Road
Madden Road
Merton Avenue (2-28)

  Polling Station Table/Box 456

Merton Avenue (28)
Merton Park
O'Carolan Road
O'Curry Avenue
O'Curry Road
O'Donovan Road
Old Mill Court
Oscar Square (1-10) (31-42)
Pairc Sandford (3)
Petrie Road
Ruttledge Terrace
Sandford Avenue
Sandford Gardens
Sandford Park
South Brown Street
St. John's Street
St. Michael's Terrace
St. Thomas's Road
Susan Terrace
Sweeney's Terrace
Warrenmount Place
Ashley Hall, South Circular Road
Cameron Court
Cameron Street
Cork Street, Apts 61
Darley's Terrace
Dolphin Avenue
Dolphin's Barn (28-45)
Dolphin's Barn Street (22-32)
Donore Avenue (2-22)

  Polling Station Table/Box 457

Donore Avenue (22-98)
Elveden House
Emerald Terrace
Eugene Street
Fingal Street
Lullymore Terrace
Maxwell Street
Priestfield Cottages
Priestfield Drive
Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Court
Rehoboth Place
Reilly's Avenue
School Terrace
South Circular Road (203-319, 249-390)
St. Anne's Road
St. Catherine's Avenue
St. James's Terrace
St. Teresa's Gardens
The Coombe Hospital (1-32B Dolphin's Barn)
The Tannery
Vintage Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 458

Adelaide Terrace
Almeida Avenue
Almeida Terrace
An Cuarbhothar Theas (607)(714)
Ashmount Court, Old Kilmainham
Bóthar Bhaile Ui Bheolain (25)
Bóthar Ghort na Bealtaine (7)
Brookfield Road
Burke Place
Cameron Square
Devoy Road (32-34)
Donnellan Avenue
Hybreasal House
Hyde Square, South
Lorne Terrace
Madison Road
Mary Aikenhead House, James's Street Blocks A-D
Mayfield Road
McDowell Avenue (1-28)(28-37)
Mount Brown
Mount Shannon Road (5-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 459

Mount Shannon Road (16-64)
Old Kilmainham (51-88)
O'Reilly Avenue
Owens Avenue
Prospect Terrace
Quinn Avenue
Rothe Abbey
Rothe Abbey Court
South Circular Road (497-619A)(576A-736)
St. James Wood
St. James's Hospital, James's Street
St. John's Terrace
St. Maignean's Terrace
Suir Road (32-51)
The Farmyard
The Laundry
The Paddocks Ushers
Traynor Place

  Polling Station Table/Box 460

Anna Livia Apartments
Ascaill Rainsfort (40)
Ave Maria Road
Basin Grove
Basin Lane, Focus Ireland
Basin Street, Lower (East Side)
Basin Street, Upper
Basin View
Bond Street
Clarke's Terrace
Colbert's Fort
Cork Street (71-90)
Culvert Apartments
DCC Flats, Marrowbone Lane
DCC Flats, School Street
Dolphin's Barn Street (38-52)
Earl's Court
Echlin Buildings (Echlin Street)
Emerald Square
Forbes Lane
Fountain View
Grand Canal Bank
Grand Canal Harbour
Grand Canal Place
Herberton Street
Herberton Walk
Huxley Crescent
Huxley Court Apartments
James's Street (22-83 consec)
Liberty View
Long's Place
Loreto Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 461

Lourdes Road
Malin Avenue
Marrowbone Lane Close
Marrowbone Lane
Mary Aikenhead House (Blocks E-F)
McCarthy Terrace
Morning Star Road
McGovern's Corner
Newport Street
Our Lady's Close
Our Lady's Road
Pim Street
Poole's Terrace
Rainsford Avenue
Reuben Plaza
Reuben Street (23A, 23-57)
Riverrun Apartments
Robert Street
Rosary Road
School Street (D.C. Flats)
St. James's Court
St. James's Avenue
St. James's Walk
St. Margaret's Terrace (off Cork Street)
The Granary
The Hops
The Malt House
The Old Convent
Thomas Court (1-13)
Thomas Court Apartments

  Polling Station Table/Box 462

Thomas Court Bawn (1-40)
Westcourt Artillery House
Auburn Terrace
Bow Bridge
Bow Bridge Court
Bow Bridge House
Bow Bridge Place
Bow Lane, West
Camac Terrace
Camac View Apartments
Camac Way
Carrick Foyle Terrace
Cavalry House
Chamber House
Chandler's Guild
Estuary House
Faulkner's Terrace
Garrison House
Heuston House
Irwin Court
James Street (136-184)
Kearns Court Apartments
Kearns Place, Old Kilmainham

  Polling Station Table/Box 463

Kilmainham Lane
Kingsbridge Clancy Quay
Lady Lane
Lana Na Huillnne/Thiar (2)
Manor Hall, Mount Brown
Milbrook Court
Milbrook Terrace
Old Camac Bridge
Old Camac Way
Old Kilmainham (1-50)
Old Kilmainham Village
Phoenix View
Prior Hall
Ridge House
Riverbank House
Rowsertown Lane
Shannon Terrace
South Circular Road (738-780 even)
St. James Court, Mount Brown
St. John's Cottages (1-6)
St. John's Cottages (8-12)
St. John's Well Way
St. Patrick's Hospital, Bow Lane, West
Tathony House
The Cammock
The Steps, Rowerstown Lane
Tower Terrace
Bridgefoot Street (38-134)
Emmet Buildings, Watling Street
Island Street
James's Street (84-134C)
Marshall Court
Pier 19 (39 Bridgefoot Street)
Robert Emmet Close
Robert Emmet Walk
Steeven's Gate
The Maltings
Thomas Street (132-163)
Usher's Island
Viking Harbour
Watling Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 464

Wellington House
Willie Bermingham Place
Brookfield Court
Carrick House
Carrick Terrace
Church Avenue, South
Glenmalure Court
Glenmalure Park
Glenmalure Villas
Haroldville Avenue
Our Lady of Fatima Close (1-8)
Reuben Avenue
Reuben Square
Reuben Street (1-22A)(58-72)
Reuben Walk
Rialto Cottages (14-136)

  Polling Station Table/Box 465

Rialto Cottages (138-158)
Rialto Court
Rialto Park
Rialto Street
South Circular Road (392-568 even)
Sraid Reuben (6)
St. Anthony's Crescent (1-9)
St. Anthony's Park (1-10)
St. Anthony's Road
St. James's Walk (61-88)
The Ice Rink, Reuben Square
Bóthar Eireann Nua (79)
Dolphin House (1-289)

  Polling Station Table/Box 466

Dolphin House (290-392)
Dolphin Park
Grand Canal Court
Grand Canal View
Herberton Park
Herberton Road (125-175, 74A-114)
New Ireland Court
New Ireland Road
Portmahon Drive
Rialto Drive
South Circular Road (331-491 odd)
Upper Cross Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 467

Avondale Terrace
Beechfield Avenue
Beechfield Close
Beechfield Court
Beechfield Road
Cherry Grove
Cherryfield Avenue
Cherryfield Drive
Cherryfield Road (1-86)

  Polling Station Table/Box 468

Cherryfield Road (87-191)
Cromwellsfort Road
Limekiln Grove
Limekiln Lane
Loyola House
Quarry Drive
St. Paul's Avenue (Limekiln Lane)
St. Paul's Drive (Off Limekiln Lane)
St. Peter's Crescent
St. Peter's Drive
St. Peter's Road (3-155)

  Polling Station Table/Box 469

St. Peter's Road (155-183)
St. Peter's Terrace
Wellington Court
Whitehall Road
West Whitehall Square
Dangan Avenue
Dangan Drive
Dangan Park
Greentrees Drive
Greentrees Park
Greentrees Road
Hillsbrook Avenue
Hillsbrook Crescent (1-13A)

  Polling Station Table/Box 470

Hillsbrook Crescent (13A-18)
Hillsbrook Drive
Hillsbrook Grove
Kimmage Road, West
Millgate Drive
Muckross Avenue
Muckross Crescent
Muckross Drive
Muckross Green
Muckross Grove
Muckross Park
Rockfield Avenue (1-41)

  Polling Station Table/Box 471

Rockfield Avenue (41-151)
Rockfield Drive
Roebuck Drive
Shelton Drive
Shelton Gardens
Shelton Grove
Shelton Park
The Cova, Whitehall Road
Wellington Road
Whitehall Road
Whitehall Road, West

  Polling Station Table/Box 472

Bridge Water Quay
Chapelizod Road
Coningham Road
Long Meadow
Park Place
Parkgate Place
Parkgate Street (40-46)
Salmon Pool
Sarah Place
Sunnybank Apartments
The Chesterfield
The Phoenix
The Wellington

  Polling Station Table/Box 473

College Crescent
College Drive
College Park
College Square
Fortfield Avenue
Fortfield Drive
Fortfield Grove
Fortfield Park (1-6)

  Polling Station Table/Box 474

Fortfield Park (6-49)
Fortfield Road
Fortfield Square
Glendale Park
Grosvenor Court
Hyde Park
Kimmage Manor
Kimmage Manor Way
Kimmage Road, West
Manor Avenue
Priory Hall
Priory Walk (1-31)

  Polling Station Table/Box 475

Priory Walk (32-48)
Priory Way
St. Anne's
Templeogue College, Templeville Road
Templeogue Road
Templeville Road
The Courtyard
The Crescent
The Mews
The Orchard, Fortfield Road
The Recorders, Whitehall Road
Wainsfort Avenue
Wainsfort Crescent
Wainsfort Drive
Wainsfort Gardens
Wainsfort Grove
Wainsfort Manor Crescent (1-25)

  Polling Station Table/Box 476

Wainsfort Manor Crescent (26-87)
Wainsfort Manor Drive
Wainsfort Manor Green
Wainsfort Manor Grove
Wainsfort Park
Wainsfort Road
Wellington Road
Whitehall Close
Whitehall Gardens
Whitehall Park
Whitehall Road