List of Streets per Table/Box Number

Dublin Central

  Polling Station Table/Box 219

Allen Terrace
Avondale Avenue
Avondale Road
Bective Square
Broadstone Avenue
Broadstone Hall
Broadstone Place
Castle Terrace
George's Wharf
Great Western Avenue
Great Western Square
Great Western Villas
Grove Mews Apartments
Grove Mews
Kings Hall
Kings Inns Court
Leslie's Buildings
Monck Place
North Circular Road, (294-376A even)
Norton's Avenue
Phibsborough Avenue
Phibsborough Road (1-65) (162-243)
Phibsborough, off Phibsborough Road
Royal Canal Bank West (1-78)
Royal Canal Court
Royal Canal Terrace
Royal Canal View
St. Peter's Close
St. Peter's Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 220

Blackhall Square
Brunswick Court
Brunswick Street, North (1-103)
Catherine Lane
Church Street (95-124)
Constitution Hill (14-104)
Fingal Place
Grange Court
Grangegorman Court
Grangegorman Lower
Grangegorman Upper (30-94B even)
Grangegorman Villas
Kings Court
North King Street
Kirwan Street Cottages
Kirwan Street
Manor Street (1-45A)
Marne Villas
Morning Star Avenue
North Circular Road, (206-292 even)
North King Street
Orchard Terrace (2-6)

  Polling Station Table/Box 221

Orchard Terrace (6-21)
Prussia Street (1-50)
Rathdown Road
Rathdown Square
Richmond Square
Rosemount Road
Shea's Court
Shea's Lane
Smithfield Gate
St. Brendan's Hospital
St. Joseph Court
St. Joseph Place
Stanhope Green
Stanhope Street
Stanhope Terrace
Stoneybatter (1-22D)
The Hardwicke
The Red Mill
The Richmond
The Tap Apartments
Whitworth Hall

  Polling Station Table/Box 222

Arbour Hill (54-63)
Arran Quay
Arran Quay Terrace
Benburb Street
Blackhall Court
Blackhall Green
Blackhall Parade
Blackhall Place
Blackhall Street
Blackhall View
Bow Street
Bru na Bhfiann (Smithfield Market)
Chancery Hall
Church Street (125-179)
Clifden Court
Clipper Court
Clipper View
Coke Lane
Collins Square
Cuirt an Chlochain (105)
Ellis House Block B
Ellis Quay
Friary Court
Friary Grove
Gravel Walk
Court Hammond Lane
Henderick Place
Henderick Street
Judge Darleys
Lincoln Lane
Margadh Na Feirme
Marmion Court
Nicholas Avenue
North King Street
Oxmantown Green (3)

  Polling Station Table/Box 223

Oxmantown Green (5-24)
Queen Street
Rosemount Terrace
Sarsfield House
Sarsfield Quay
Smithfield Loft
Smithfield Market Block A
Smithfield Market Block B
Smithfield Market Block C
Smithfield Market Block D
Smithfield Market Block E
Smithfield Market Block F
Smithfield Terrace
Smithfield Village
St. Francis Terrace
St. Paul's Street
Temple House
The Chandler
The Schooner
The Spinnaker

  Polling Station Table/Box 224

Anne Street, North
Arran Street, East (35-67)
Avondale Apartments
Balls Lane
Beresford Street
Bolton Court
Bolton Street (30-64)
Chancery Hall
Chancery House, Charles Street West
Chancery Place
Chancery Street
Charles Street, West
Church Avenue
Church Street (1-94)
Church Terrace
Coleraine Street
Dominick Street, Upper (43-44)
Dominick Street, Upper (41-78)
Father Matthew Square
Focus House, George's Hill
Halston Street
Henrietta Hall
Henrietta House
Henrietta Lane
Henrietta Place
Henrietta Street
Kevin Barry House
Kings Inns Cottages
Kings Mill Court
Linenhall Parade
Linenhall Street
Linenhall Terrace
Lisburn Court
Lisburn Street
Lurgan Street (1-20)

  Polling Station Table/Box 225

Lurgan Street (21-22)
Mary's Lane
New Street North
North King Street (1-30,163-194)
Ormond Quay, Upper (18-36)
Ormond Square
Sraid Chuil Raithin (4)
St. Michan's House (Greek Street)
Stirrup Lane
Temple Buildings
Temple Cottages
Temple Court
The Court
The Old Distillery
Abbey Street, Middle (41A-114)
Arran Street, East (1-34)
Bachelor's Walk
Bachelor's Walk Apartments (37-331)

  Polling Station Table/Box 226

Bachelor's Walk Apartments (333-382)
Bradogue House
Butler Court
Capel Court
Capel Street (1-60A) (110-168)
Chandler Court
Cuirt an Ri (142)
Great Strand Street
Greeg Court
Ha'penny Bridge House
Harty Court
Jervis Park Apartments
Jervis Place
Jervis Street
Kings Court (Parnell Street)
Liffey Walk
Little Strand Street
Loftus Court
Mary Street
Mary Street, Little
Mary's Abbey
Mellor Court
North Lotts Road
Ormond Quay, Lower
Ormond Quay, Upper (1-17)
Quartiere Bloom
Strafford House
Wolfe Tone Close
Wolfe Tone Court
Wolfe Tone Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 227

Bolton Square
Bolton Street (1-29)
Campbell's Court
Capel Street (61-109)
College Court
Dominick Lane
Dominick Place
Dominick Street, Lower (22-197)
Dorset Street, Upper (1-45)
Fashion House
Granby Centre
Granby Hall
Granby Lane
Granby Row
Green Court View
Ivy Exchange
King Street, North (195-199)
Kings Inn Street
Market Square Apartments
North Frederick Street
Parnell Square, West (29-59)
Parnell Street (165A-225)
Semple Court
Semple Hall
Sheridan Court (24-36)
Sheridan Place
Stewart Hall
Stewart House
Ulysses House, Little Britain Street

  Polling Station Table/Box 228

Aberdeen Street
Arbour Hill (44-51)
Arbour Terrace
Arklow Street
Ashford Cottage
Ashford Place
Ashford Street
Black Street
Brodir Row (Palatine Square)
Cavalry Row (Palatine Square)
Cowper Street (1-7)
Darley Court
De Burgh Road
Findlater Street
Finn Street
Infirmary Road (East Side)
Jerome Connor Place
Kinahan Street
Montpelier Court
Montpelier Drive
Montpelier Gardens
Montpelier Hill (1-19)

  Polling Station Table/Box 229

Montpelier Hill (21-79)
Montpelier Mews
Montpelier Park
Montpelier Square
North Circular Road, (2-108 even)
O'Devaney Gardens
Oxmantown Road (2-110)
Parkgate Street (4-43)
Phoenix Court (Palatine Square)
Phoenix Court, 3 North Circular Road
Plas Ath na Fiunseoige (10)
Plas Tor (17)(19)
Provost Row (Palatine Square)
Ross Street
Slade Row (Palatine Square) (1-11)

  Polling Station Table/Box 230

Slade Row (Palatine Square) (11-12)
St. Bricin's Military Hospital
St. Bricin's Park
Sullivan Street
Swords Street
Temple Court (Palatine Square)
Temple House
Temple Street, West (9-12)
Temple Villas
Thor Place
Tomar Court
Arbour Hill
Arbour Place
Ard Righ Place
Ard Righ Road
Auburn Walk
Aughrim Court
Aughrim Place
Aughrim Street
Aughrim Villas
Ben Edar Road
Bóthar Araild (42)
Bóthar Shitric (30)
Bóthar Ui Mhuircheartaigh (30)
Carnew Street
Cowper Street (8-11)
Drumalee Avenue
Drumalee Court
Drumalee Drive (1-2)

  Polling Station Table/Box 231

Drumalee Drive (3-20)
Drumalee Grove
Drumalee Park
Drumalee Road
Eblana Villas
Halliday Road
Halliday Square
Harold Road
Ivar Street
King's Court
Lucky Lane
Malachi Road
Manor Mews
Manor Place
Manor Street (46-96)
Mount Temple Road
Murtagh Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 232

Niall Street
Norseman Court
Norseman Place
North Circular Road
Olaf Road
Ostman Place
Oxmantown Road (1-197)(112-196)
Plas an Mhainéir (33)
Prussia Street (51-94A)
Sigurd Road
Sitric Place
Sitric Road
Sraid an Mhainéir (78)
St. Joseph's Road
Stanley Court
St. Mary's Terrace
Stoneybatter (23-37)
Viking Place
Viking Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 233

Abbey Drive
An Phrioireacht Thuaidh (7)
Ashgrove House
Ashington Avenue
Ashington Close
Ashington Court
Ashington Crescent (1)

  Polling Station Table/Box 234

Ashington Crescent (1-41)
Ashington Dale
Ashington Gardens
Ashington Green
Ashington Grove
Ashington Heath
Ashington Mews
Ashington Park
Ashington Rise (2-91)

  Polling Station Table/Box 235

Ashington Rise (91-134)
Ashtown Grove
Ashtown Lodge
Assisi House, Navan Road
Bealach Kempton (10)
Bóthar na Paircel (38)
Camden Avenue
Cassian Court
Chancel Mews
Chapel Crescent
Church Walk
Clearwater Court
Cloister Court
Compass Court
Convent View Cottages
Convent View Crescent
Convent Way
Court View
Discovery Building
Faiche Kempton (5)
Glengarriff Road (1-56)

  Polling Station Table/Box 236

Glengarriff Road (56-96)
Glenbrook Road
Glendhu Park
Glendhu Road
Horizon Building
Kempton Avenue
Kempton Court
Kempton Green
Kempton Grove
Kempton Heath
Kempton Lawn
Kempton Park
Kempton Rise
Kempton View (1-8)

  Polling Station Table/Box 237

Kempton View (8-19)
Kempton Way
Kinvara Avenue
Kinvara Drive
Kinvara Grove
Kinvara Park
Kinvara Road (1-101) (2-110)
Laburnum Court
Laburnum Square
Lock Keeper's Walk
Martin Savage Park
Meridian Court (1-85)

  Polling Station Table/Box 238

Meridian Court (85-167)
Navan Road (137-397 odd)
Nephin Road (41-129)
O'Reilly's Bridge
Park Road
Priory East
Priory North
Priory West (1-28)

  Polling Station Table/Box 239

Priory West (28-64)
Rathborne Avenue
Rathborne Close
Rathborne Court
Rathborne Drive
Rathborne Grove
Rathborne Place
Rathborne View
Rathborne Way
Ratoath Road (204-222 and School)
Rectory Green
Riverston Gardens
River Vale
Royal Canal Court
Santa Sabina House
Spire View
The Beacon
The Birches
The Chandler
The Elms
The Mews
The Oaks
The Tallows
The Waxworks
Watermint Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 240

Ardpatrick Road
Ashton Villas
Baggot Road
Belleville House
Blackhorse Avenue (303-527) (44-58)
Bóthar Pairc an Bhailtin (13)
Conor Clune Road
Croaghpatrick Road
Darling Estate
Doreen House
Doyle's Cottages
Hybla Court
Lyndon Gate
Martin's Grove
Navan Road (even nos.)
Nephin Road (1-5)

  Polling Station Table/Box 241

Nephin Road (5-31) (32-58)
Ormonde Terrace
Park Crescent House
Parkside View
Ratra Park
Ratra Road
Roosevelt Cottages
Skreen Road
St. Joseph's Cottages
St. Vincent's Cottages
The Paddock
Villa Park Avenue
Villa Park Drive
Villa Park Gardens
Villa Park Road
Villa Park Springs

  Polling Station Table/Box 242

Aldborough Court
Annesley Avenue
Annesley Close
Annesley Place
Ardilaun Road
Ardilaun Square
Ascal Chluain Life (34)
Ascal San Sheamais (12)
Austin's Cottages
Ballybough Avenue
Ballybough Court
Ballybough House (Poplar Row)
Ballybough Road
Bayview Avenue
Bridgewater Hall
Charlemont Parade
Charleville Avenue
Charleville Mall

  Polling Station Table/Box 243

Clarence Street North
Clinch's Court
Clonliffe Avenue
Clonliffe Road (1-113)
Clonmore Road
Clonmore Terrace
Courtney's Place
Crawford Terrace
Croke Villas
Duff House
Dunne Street
Enaville Avenue
Enaville Road
Foster Place
North Foster Terrace (1-46)

  Polling Station Table/Box 244

Foster Terrace (48-55)
King's Avenue
Newcomen Avenue
Newcomen Court
North Strand Road (1-87)
Nottingham House
O'Sullivan Avenue
Poplar Row
Portland Row (23-59)
Sackville Avenue
Sackville Gardens
Spring Garden Street
St. James's Avenue
St. Joseph's Avenue (1-13)
St. Mary's Terrace
St. Patrick's Avenue
Summerhill Parade (1-25)
Taaffe's Place
Trinity Terrace
Ulster Terrace
Waterloo Avenue
William Street North
Ascail Bhaile na Trá (57)
Ascal Laighean (1) (54)
Bessborough Avenue (1-27)
Bessborough Avenue (33-51)

  Polling Station Table/Box 245

Crosbies Yard
East Wall Road (1-47)
Faith Avenue
Gaelic Street
Hibernian Avenue
Hope Avenue
Hyacinth Street
James's Street
North Leinster Avenue
Leinster Street East
North Strand Road
Northbrook Avenue Lower
Northbrook Avenue Upper
Northbrook Terrace
Ossory Road (1-24A)
Spencer Place
Spencer Street, North
St. Brigid's Avenue
St. Brigid's Cottages
Stoney Court
Stoney Road
Strandville Avenue North
Strandville Place
The Strand
Xavier Avenue

  Polling Station Table/Box 246

Behan Square
Belvedere Avenue
Belvedere Road
Brendan Behan Court
Campbell's Row
Clonliffe Road (115-271)
Dorset Street Lower (39-59)
Drumcondra Park
Drumcondra Road Lower (1-43 odd)
Elizabeth Street
Fitzroy Avenue
Fitzroy Court
Jones Road
Mabel Street
May Street
Mountjoy Parade
North Circular Road, (515-571 odd)

  Polling Station Table/Box 247

North Circular Road, (571-627 odd)
Portland Court
Portland Lock
Portland Place
Portland Square
Portland Street, North
Richmond Cottages
Richmond Court
Richmond Crescent
Richmond Parade
Robert Street
Russell Avenue
Russell Street
Sherrard Avenue
Sherrard Court
Sherrard Street Lower
St. George's Avenue
St. Joseph's Avenue (14-16)
St. Joseph's Terrace
St. Margaret's Avenue
St. Patrick's Terrace (Fitzroy Avenue)
St. Patrick's Terrace (Russell Street)
Summerhill Parade (26-49)
The Barley Store
The Oat House
The Wheat Barn
Wellesley Place
Whitworth Avenue
Whitworth Place
Whitworth Terrace
William's Place Lower
William's Place Upper
Cearnog Chluain (41)

  Polling Station Table/Box 248

Cian Park
Clonliffe Gardens
Clonliffe Road (4-238 even)
Clonliffe Square
Corn Mill
Corn Mill Row
Distillery Road
Drumcondra Road Lower
Holy Cross Cottages
Kingston Lodge
Orchard Road (1-15)
Shrewsbury House
Susanville Road
The Corn House
The Distillery, Distillery Road
The Waterfront
Tolka Road
Thomas Clarke House

  Polling Station Table/Box 249

Belmont 31-35 Gardener Street Middle
Belvedere Place
Belvedere Square
Charles Street, Great
Dorset Lane
Dorset Street, Lower (28-38D)
Emmet Street
Fitzgibbon Court
Fitzgibbon Street
Gardiner Street, Middle (21-45)
Gardiner Street, Upper (42-83)
Healy Street
Hill 16 Apartments
Langrishe Place
Matt Talbot Court
Mountjoy Square East (17-32)
Mountjoy Square North (1-16)
Mountjoy Square, South (35)

  Polling Station Table/Box 250

Mountjoy Square, South (35-52)
North Circular Road, (446-594 even)
Pemberton House
Russell House
Rutland Place
Sean O'Casey Avenue
Sherrard Street, Upper
Simmons Place
St. Monica's Nursing Home
Belvedere Place
Stapleton House
Summer Place
Summer Street, North
Summerhill (70-138)
Thompson's Cottages
Tyrrell Place
Xavier Court
Sherrard Street Upper

  Polling Station Table/Box 251

De Valera Place
Dorset Street, Lower (82A-112)
Eccles Court
Josephine Avenue
Leo Avenue
Leo Street
Mater Hospital
North Circular Road, (398-444)
St. Joseph's Street
Synott Place
Synott Row (Except 1-11)
Arranmore Avenue
Dakota Court
Derrynane Court
Derrynane Parade
Derrynane Square
Dorset Street, Lower (59B-82)
Glengarrif Crescent
Glengarrif Parade
Inisfallen Parade
Kenmare Parade
Killarney Parade
Muckross Parade
North Circular Road, (377C-491)
St. Benedicts Gardens
St. Ignatius Avenue
St. Ignatius Road
Synott Row (1-11)
Valentia House
Valentia Parade

  Polling Station Table/Box 252

Adair Terrace
Auburn Street
Berkeley Place
Berkeley Road (1-37)
Berkeley Street
Blessington Court
Blessington Lane
Blessington Place
Blessington Street
Damer Court
Devlin's Terrace
Dominick Court
Dominick House
Dominick Street, Upper
Dorset Street, Upper (72-206)
Eccles Street (39-81)
Fontenoy Street
Geraldine Street (1-47)

  Polling Station Table/Box 253

Geraldine Street (48-55)
Goldsmith Street
James McSweeney House
Joe Sartini Court
May's Cottages
Mountjoy Street
Mountjoy Street, Middle
Myrtle Street
Nelson Street
North Circular Road (378-396 Even)
O'Connell Avenue
O'Connell Villas
Palmerston Hall
Palmerston Place
Primrose Avenue
Primrose Street
Sackville Court
Sarsfield Street
Shamrock Street
St. Joseph's Parade
St. Joseph's Place
St. Joseph's Terrace
St. Laurence Place, West
St. Mary's Avenue
St. Mary's Place
St. Michael's Place
St. Patrick's Place
St. Vincent Street, North
Stable Lane
Wellington Court
Wellington Street
Western Way
Amien Square

  Polling Station Table/Box 254

Amiens Street (1-80)
Arkle House
Ascal Chill Airne (9)
Baileys Court
Beaver Close
Beaver Street
Bella Avenue
Bella Place
Bella Street
Brett Court
Buckingham Street, Lower
Buckingham Street, Upper
Buckingham Village
Buckley Hall
Deerpark Apartments
Empress Place
Fitzharris House
Foley Apartments
Frankfort Cottages
Gandon Hall
Gardiner Street, Lower (55-120)
Georgian Court
Gloucester Place, Lower
Gloucester Place, Upper
Gloucester Square Apartments
Hewardine Terrace
Killarney Avenue
Killarney Court
Killarney Street
Liberty Corner (2-54)

  Polling Station Table/Box 255

Liberty Corner (60)
Liberty House, Railway Street
Mablot Lane
Montgomery Court
Montgomery House
Patrick Heeney Crescent
Patrick Kearney House
Portland Close
Portland Row (1-22B)
Railway Street
Rutland Cottages (1-26)
Rutland Court
Rutland Row
Rutland Street, Lower
Sean McDermott Street, Lower
Sean Treacy House
St. Mary's Mansions Summerhill (40-69)
Summerhill Court (1-39)
Summerhill Place
Talbot Street (20A-78C)
Terrace Place, East
Terrace Place, West
The Atruim
The Forge
The Foundry
The Kiln
The Mill House
The Stockyard
Tyrone House
Alfred Byrne
House (Greenville Street)

  Polling Station Table/Box 256

Avondale Hall
Avondale House
Belmont Hall, Gardiner Street, Middle
Belvedere Court
Belvedere House
Cumberland House
Cumberland Row
Denmark Street, Great
Dermot O'Dwyer House, Hardwicke Street
Dorset Square
Dorset Street, Lower (1-27A Cons)
Dorset Street, Upper (47-71)
Father Scully House
Frederick Court
Frederick Lane
Gardiner Place
Gardiners Row
Gardiner Street, Upper (1-41)
Georges Place, North
Grenville Lane
Hardwicke Street
Headfort Court, Hill Street
Hill Street
Hill Street Flats
Kelly's Court
Kelly's Row
Kenmare House
Marlborough Street (43-66A)
Mountjoy Square, West (53-68)
North Frederick Street (1-19)
North Great Georges Street (5-34)

  Polling Station Table/Box 257

North Great Georges Street (37-51)
O'Brien Hall
O'Connell Street, Upper (25-36)
Parnell Place
Parnell Square, East (1-16)
Parnell Street (75C-165)
Rory O'Connor House, Hardwicke Street
Rutland Place
Sean McDermott Apartments
Sraid Parnell (141A)
Temple Hall (128-131)
Temple House
Temple Place Apartments
Temple Place North
Temple Street
Gresham House ("The Beckett") ("The Moore") ("The Joyce") ("The O'Casey") ("The Synge") ("The Yeats") ("The Courtyard")
The Mews, 41 North Great George's Street
Abbey Court
Astor Hall
Champions Avenue
Custom Hall
Eden Quay
Gardiner Street, Lower (15-54)
Marlborough Court
Marlborough Place
Marlborough Street (1-42) (66-112)
Moland House
O'Connell Street, Lower
Sean McDermott Street, Upper (2-14)
Talbot Hall
Talbot Street (1-19C) (79-109)
Abercorn Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 258

Alexander Place
Alexander Terrace
Baltrasna House
Bargy Road
Blackwater House
Blythe Avenue
Bolands Cottages, Church Road
Boolavogue Road
Caledon Court
Caledon Road
Canon Hall
Castleforbes Road
Castleforbes Square
Church Avenue, East
Church Court
Church Place
Church Road (4-113)

  Polling Station Table/Box 259

Church Road (113-167)
Church Row
Church Square
Church Street, East
Cloncurry House
Copebridge House
Crescent Gardens
East Road
East Wall Road (48-202)
Fairfield Avenue
Forth Road
Hawthorn Avenue
Hawthorn Terrace
Hill of Down House
Irvine Cottages
Irvine Court
Irvine Terrace
Island Key
Killane Court
Killane Road
Killashee House
Kirkpatrick House
Liffey Trust Centre
Longford House
Malachi Place
Mayor Street, Upper
Merchant's Road
Merchant Square
Moy-Elta Road
New Wapping Street
North Bank
Oxford Terrace
Pakenham House
Portside Court
Ravensdale Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 260

Riverstown House
Russell Avenue, East
Saunders House
Seaview Avenue
Shelmalier House
Shelmalier Road
St. Barnabas Gardens
St. Marys Court
St. Marys Road, North
St. Mura's Terrace
Strangford Gardens
Strangford Road
Teeling Way
The Lighthouse
Thomastown House
West Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 261

Achill House, Custom House Square
Aldborough Parade
Amiens Street (81-116)
Aranmore, Custom House Harbour
Argyle House, Custom House Harbour
Arran House, Custom House Square
Asgard, Custom House Harbour
Barrow House, Custom House Square
Bellmans Walk
Beresford House, Custom House Square
Berry House, Custom House Square
Boyne House, Custom House Square
Burton House, Custom House Square
Cannon Lillis Avenue
Clarion Quay
Coburgh Place
Crinan Strand
Dargle House, Custom House Square
Eagle Island
Emerald Place
Emerald Street
Fastnet, Custom House Harbour
Ferrymans Crossing
First Avenue (Seville Place)
Fourth Avenue
Gandon House, Custom House Square
Hook Head, Custom House Harbour
Inish Trahull, Custom House Harbour
James Larkin House (1-3)

  Polling Station Table/Box 262

James Larkin House (4-34)
Lagan House, Custom House Square
Lee House, Custom House Square
Malton House, Custom House Square
Mariner's Port
Moy House, Custom House Square
National College of Ireland
Oriel Hall
Oriel Street, Lower
Oriel Street, Upper
Preston Street
Rathlin O'Birne, Custom House Harbour
Rathlin House, Custom House Square
Scarriff House, Custom House Square
Second Avenue
Semple House, Custom House Square
Seville Place
Seville Terrace
Shamrock Cottages
Shamrock Place
Shamrock Terrace
Shannon House, Custom House Square
Sheriff Street, Lower
Skellig House, Custom House Square
Skellig Michael Apartments, Custom House Square
Slaney House, Custom House Square
Spencer Dock
Spencer House, Custom House Square
St. Laurence O'Toole Court
St. Laurence Place, East
The Bailey, Custom House Harbour
The Kish, Custom House Harbour
Third Avenue
Tuskar Rock, Custom House Harbour

  Polling Station Table/Box 263

Addison Avenue
Addison Drive
Addison Hall
Addison Place
Ballymun Road (1-23 odd)(2-46A)
Bons Secours Hospital, Glasnevin
Botanic Avenue (1-31) (190-212)
Botanic Court
Botanic Hall
Botanic Mews
Botanic Road (123-191 odd)(2-180H)
Botanic Villas
Bóthar Chrioch Mhor (13)
Bóthar Mobhi (51, 69, 83, 93)
Ceide Mobhi (4)
Church Avenue
Claremont Avenue (North side)
Clonmore Court
Cremore Avenue
Cremore Drive (1-11)

  Polling Station Table/Box 264

Cremore Drive (11-28)
Cremore Lawn
Cremore Park
Cremore Road
Cremore Villas (1-11 odd)
De Courcy Square
Glasnevin Hill
Glasnevin Oaks
Glasnevin (Village of)
Glenavon Court
Hillcrest Court
Holy Faith Convent, Old Finglas Road
Mobhi Court
Mobhi Grove
Mobhi Mews
Old Finglas Road (2-56)
Old Finglas Road, Prospect Avenue
Plasog Chrioch Mhor (6) (15)
Prospect Avenue (3-70)

  Polling Station Table/Box 265

Prospect Avenue (72-74)
Prospect Road
Prospect Square
Prospect View
River Gardens
River Bank Hall
Sean Bóthar Fhionn Ghlaise (157)
St. David's Terrace
St. Mobhi Drive
St. Mobhi Road (21-169)
St. Theresa's Place
St. Theresa's Road
The Haven
Violet Hill Drive
Violet Hill Park
Violet Hill Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 266

Botanic Avenue (33-181) (108-180)
Botanic Park
Botanic Road (77-121 odd)
Botanic Square
Cliftonville Road
Daneswell Road
Fairfield Road
Mannix Road
Marguerite Road
St. Ita's Road
St. Malachy's Road
St. Michael's Road
St. Mobhi Road (66-112)
Vera Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 267

Abbey Vale
Botanic Avenue (183-215) (2-106)
Botanic Road (23-75 odd)
Bóthar Bhruach an Chuilinn (96)
Bóthar 1 (66)
Carlingford Road
Chapel Gate Street
Crawford Avenue
Crescent Villas
Dargle Road
Drumcondra Road Lower (66-146 even)
Eden Terrace
Geta an Tséipéil (34)
Glenarm Avenue
Glenarm Square
Glendalough Road
Hollybank Court
Hollybank Road (1-123)

  Polling Station Table/Box 268

Hollybank Road (123-133)
Iona Avenue
Iona Crescent
Iona Drive
Iona Park
Iona Road (Odd)
Iona Villas
Monastery of St. Alphonsus
St. Alphonsus Road (Odd No's)
Woodville Road
Alphonsus House, St. Joseph's Avenue
Botanic Road (1-21 odd)
Bóthar Lindsay (27)
Claude Road
David Park
David Road
Drumcondra Road Lower (2-64 even)
Gartan Avenue
Grattan Parade
Iona Road (even)
Lindsay Grove
Lindsay Road (1-29)

  Polling Station Table/Box 269

Lindsay Road (29-134)
Prospect Road
St. Alphonsus Avenue
St. Alphonsus Road (even no's)
St. Anne's Road
St. Brendan's Road
St. Brigid's Road, Lower
St. Brigid's Road, Upper
St. Clements Road
St Columbas Road, Lower
St Columbas Road, Upper
St. Joseph's Avenue
St. Patrick's Road
Whitworth Court
Whitworth Parade
Whitworth Road
Wigan Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 270

Blacquiere Villas
Cabra Park
Cabra Park Mews
Cabra Road (1-21) (2-22)
Connaught Parade
Connaught Street
Cross Guns Quay
Eglinton Terrace
Enniskerry Road
Leinster Street, North
Library View Villas
Munster Street (1-37)

  Polling Station Table/Box 271

Munster Street (37-46)
Norfolk Road
North Circular Road (311-377 odd)
Pairc na Cabrai (73, 114)
Pairc Sheanduin (49)
Phibsborough Road (66-161)
Royse Road
Shandon Crescent
Shandon Drive
Shandon Gardens
Shandon Green
Shandon Mill
Shandon Park
Shandon Road
Shandon View
St. Peter's Road
St. Peter's Square
Ulster Street
Villa Bank
Villa Park

  Polling Station Table/Box 272

Canal Bank (North Side)
Claremont Close
Claremont Court
Claremont Crescent
Claremont Lawn (1-17)

  Polling Station Table/Box 273

Claremont Lawn (19-31)
Clareville Court
Clareville Grove
Coillte Ghlasnaoin (25)
Cuirt Claremont (38)
Dalcassian Downs
Dun an Oir (34)
Finglas Road (Odd No's to Fin Bridge)
Glasnevin Court
Glasnevin Woods
Lisin Glen
Prospect Road (1-7)
Rivermount Cottages
Riversdale House, Glasnevin Court
St. Philomena's Road
The Court
The Willows
Tolka Lodge
Tower View Cottages

  Polling Station Table/Box 274

Annaly Road
Bóthar Ghabhalmhai (16)
Bregia Road
Cabra Road (23-203)
Church View Nursing Home, 61 Cabra Road
Cuala Road
Delvin Road
Dowth Avenue
Erris Road
Fassaugh Avenue (24)
Fassaugh Road
Fertullagh Road
Galmoy Road
Homestead Court (5-56)

  Polling Station Table/Box 275

Homestead Court (59-70)
Imaal Road
Leix Road
Newgrange Road
Offaly Road
Quarry Road
St. Attracta Road (1-124)

  Polling Station Table/Box 276

St. Attracta Road (126-339)
St. Eithne Road
St. Fintan Road
St. Fintan Terrace
St. Jarlath Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 277

An Cuarbhothar Thuaidh (255)
Annamoe Drive
Annamoe Park
Annamoe Road
Annamoe Terrace
Ardmore Avenue
Blackhorse Grove (1-13)

  Polling Station Table/Box 278

Blackhorse Grove (13-114)
Bóthar Ath na Mbo (158)
Bradogue Court
Cabra Drive
Cabra Grove
Cabra Road (24-160 Even)
Charleville Road
Cherrymount Park
Doon Avenue
Ellesmere Avenue (1-46)

  Polling Station Table/Box 279

Ellesmere Avenue (46-75)
Everton Avenue
Glenard Avenue
Malborough Court
Malborough Mews
Malborough Road
North Circular Road (1-309)
Old Cabra Road (1-77)(2-76)
Park Lodge
Phoenix Manor
St. David's Terrace
St. Peter's Avenue

  Polling Station Table/Box 280

Bannow Road
Broombridge Road (2-128) (West Side)
Carnlough Road (539-659 odd) (444-522 even)
Fassaugh Avenue (94-104 even)
Ratoath Estate
Ratoath Road (Part of east side)(195-207)
Ratoath Road (Part of east side)(209-329)
Ventry Drive
Ventry Park
Ventry Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 281

Bannow Road (1-309)

  Polling Station Table/Box 282

Bannow Road (311-335 odd)
Bóthar Bhanu
Broombridge Road, East Side, Fassaugh Avenue (1-87)
Carnlough Road (219-537)(172-442)
Dunmanus Court
Dunmanus Road (1-17)

  Polling Station Table/Box 283

Dunmanus Road (19-119)
Fassaugh Avenue (2-92 even)
Kilkieran Court
Kilkieran Road
Killala Road (115-221)(110-192)
Liscannor Road
Mulroy Road
Rowan Hamilton Court
St. Finbar's Court
St. Finbar's Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 284

Cabra Road (205-243) (162-194)
Canon Burke Flats
Carnlough Road (1-217)(2-170)
Dingle Road
Drumcliffe Drive (2-16)

  Polling Station Table/Box 285

Drumcliffe Drive (17-40)
Drumcliffe Road
Dunmanus Road (25-95)(2-36)
Fassaugh Avenue (1-147A)
Inver Road
Killala Road (1-105)

  Polling Station Table/Box 286

Killala Road (105-113)
Nephin Road (74-134)
Old Cabra Road (90-116 even)
Rathoath Road (7-185)
Rose Court
St. Declan Christian Brothers, Nephin Road
Swilly Road
Sycamore Court, Cabra Road
Blackhorse Avenue (41-151) (183-301 odd)
Blackhorse Downs
Bóthar Charathaigh (50)
Cabra Road Old (79-93 odd)
Caragh Road
Dunard Avenue (1-5)

  Polling Station Table/Box 287

Dunard Avenue (5-159)
Dunard Court
Dunard Drive
Dunard Park
Dunard Road
Dunard Walk
Earl's Court
Glenbeigh Park
Glenbeigh Road
Glencar Road
Glenmore Road (2-16)
Hampton Green (1-4)

  Polling Station Table/Box 288

Hampton Green (5-71)
Hampton Square
McKee Court
McKee Barracks
McKee Park
Navan Road (2-74 even)
Park View
Park View Court
Skreen Road (1-79 odd)
Slemish Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 289

Achill Court
Achill Road
Ardan Chnoc an Mhuilinn (3)
Arran Road
Bantry Road
Barron Place
Bóthar Breathnach (87)(93)
Bóthar Mhic Fhearghais (68)(4)
Bóthar Na Buaile (111, 115)
Clare Park Villas
Clare Road
College Manor
Comyn Place
Drumcondra Road Upper (1-95)
Ferguson Road
Fleming Road
Griffith Avenue (252-350)

  Polling Station Table/Box 290

Griffith Avenue (350-432 even)
Griffith Lawns
Hardiman Road
Home Farm Park
Home Farm Road
James Joyce Court
Joyce Road
Lambay Road
Millbourne Avenue
Millmount Avenue (2-5)

  Polling Station Table/Box 291

Millmount Avenue (5-61)
Millmount Place
Millmount Terrace
Millmount Villas
O'Neachtain Road
O'Brien Place
O'Daly Road
Rathlin Road
Sherkin Court
Sherkin Gardens
St. Mobhi Road (26-64 even)
Stella Avenue
The Village
Valentia Road
Walsh Road
Wellpark Avenue
Windele Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 292

Cara Cheshire Home
Garda Terrace, Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park
St. Mary's Hospital, Phoenix Park