List of Streets per Table Number

Rathgar Rathmines

  Polling Station Table/Box 348

Beechlawn Manor
Beechlawn Mews
Beechlawn Way
Bóthar an Chnocain Ghlais (38)
Bushy Park Gardens
Bushy Park Road
Ceide Fhearann Dara (26)
Dartry Cottages
Dartry Court
Dartry Road (1-23)
Eastmore Apartments, Bushy Park Road
Four Oaks
Glenayr Road
Greenmount Lawn
Greenmount Road (1-31)

  Polling Station Table/Box 349

Greenmount Road (32-34)
Highfield Court
Highfield Grove
Highfield Manor
Highfield Road (1-49)
Meadow Bank
Millhill Missionaries
Oak Apple Green
Oaklands Crescent (1-28)

  Polling Station Table/Box 350

Oaklands Crescent (29)
Oaklands Drive
Orwell Bank
Orwell Court
Orwell House, Nursing Home
Orwell Mews
Orwell Park
Orwell Road
Orwell View
Orwell Woods
Park View
Rathfarnham Road (2-112 even)

  Polling Station Table/Box 351

Rathfarnham Road (114-122 even)
Rathgar Park
Redemptorist Fathers
Riversdale Avenue
Rostrevor Road
Rostrevor Terrace
St. Ann's
St. Brigid's
St. John's Wood
St. Kevin's Court
St. Kevin's Gardens
St. Kevin's House
St. Kevin's Park
Stratford Haven
Sunbury Gardens
Sunbury Park
Temple Square
Terenure Road, East (1-17 odd)

  Polling Station Table/Box 352

Terenure Road, East (17-85 odd)
Terenure Town Houses
The Ramparts
The Willows
Trinity Hall
Victoria Lane, South
Victoria Road
Wasdale Grove
Wasdale Park
Westbourne Court
Westbourne Road
Zion Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 353

Appian Close
Appian Way
Ashbrook House
Ashbrook Terrace
Carmelite Centre
Belleisle House
Bloomfield Park
Bóthar Marlborough (25)
Bushfield Place
Bushfield Terrace
Cambridge Terrace
Carlisle Avenue
Chelmsford Avenue
Chelmsford Close
Chelmsford Lane
Chelmsford Mews
Chelmsford Road
Courtney House
Crosbie House (1-38)

  Polling Station Table/Box 354

Crosbie House (39-54)
Cullenswood Court
Cullenswood House
Cullenswood Park
Dartmouth Lane
Dartmouth Place
Dartmouth Road
Dartmouth Square
Dartmouth Terrace
Dartmouth Walk
Dexter Terrace
Edward Lane
Edward Place
Edward Square, Fitzwilliam Court
Fitzwilliam Way
Florence Terrace
Hampton Court (Bloomfield Avenue)
Leeson Mews
Leeson Park (1-42)

  Polling Station Table/Box 355

Leeson Park (42-57)
Leeson Park Avenue
Leeson Park Nursing Home
Leeson Park Way
Leeson Street, Upper (1-75)
Leeson Village
Leeson Walk
Marlborough Lane
Marlborough Road (13-109A)
Mitchell House
Molyneux Home for the Blind
Morehampton Court
Morehampton Hall
Morehampton Road (1-67 odd)
Morehampton Square
Morehampton Terrace
Northbrook Avenue (1-36)

  Polling Station Table/Box 356

Northbrook Avenue (38-80)
Northbrook Lane
Northbrook Nursing Home
Northbrook Road
Northbrook Villas
Northbrook Walk
Orchard Lane
Osborne Terrace
Ranelagh Avenue
Ranelagh Close
Ranelagh Road
Ranelagh Village (2-132 even)
Royal Hospital Donnybrook

  Polling Station Table/Box 357

Royal Hospital Donnybrook
Sallymount Avenue
Sallymount Gardens
Sallymount Terrace
Sandford Court
Sandford Road (4-54 even)
Sibthorpe Lane
Silverton Smith's Cottages
Sraid Chill Liosain, Uacht (21)
St. Anne's Terrace
St. Annes
St. Patrick's Missionary, Leeson Park
Swan Mews
Swan Place
Temple Place
Warners Lane
Warwick Terrace
Wesley House
Westmoreland Park
Willbrook House
Winton Road
Woodstock Court
Woodstock Gardens
Alma Court, Mountpleasant Avenue, Upper
Alma Terrace
Athlumney Villas
Belgrave Court
Belgrave Mews
Belgrave Square, North (48-55)

  Polling Station Table/Box 358

Belgrave Square, North (55-60)
Belgrave Terrace
Bessborough Court
Bessborough Hall
Bessborough Parade
Castlewood Avenue (1-19)
Castlewood Court
Castlewood Lodge
Castlewood Terrace
Charleston Court
Charleston House
Charleston Road (1-24)
Cheltenham Place
Clifton Mews
Court View, Rathmines
Dunville Terrace
Fahan Mews
Fortescue Lane
Garden View
Gulistan Cottages
Gulistan Place
Gulistan Terrace
Hazelwood House
Ivy Cottages
Kensington Villas
Mountpleasant Avenue, Lower
Mountpleasant Avenue, Upper (1-19)

  Polling Station Table/Box 359

Mountpleasant Avenue, Upper (19-59)
Mountpleasant Parade
Mountpleasant Place (1-12B)
Mountpleasant Square
Mountpleasant Terrace
Mountpleasant Terrace, Upper
Mountpleasant Villas
Newington Terrace
Observatory Court
Observatory Lane
Ontario Court
Ontario Terrace
Oxford Court
Oxford Grove
Oxford Lodge
Oxford Road (1-9 odd)
Price's Place
Ranelagh Court
Ranelagh Mews
Ranelagh Road (1-33)
Rathmines Road, Lower (2-34)

  Polling Station Table/Box 360

Rathmines Road, Lower (34-274)
Rathmines Town Centre
Richmond Hill
Richmond Manor
Richmond Mews
Richmond Place
Rugby Road
Rugby Villas
Sherborne Court
St. Bernadette's Hall (Richmond Hill)
Swan Grove
The Innings
The Mews, Castlewood Terrace
Walker's Cottages
Walker's Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 361

Albany Road (1-30)
Annesley Park
Beechwood Avenue, Upper
Beechwood Road (13-19)
Belgrave Road (37-41)
Bóthar Maighean (39, 64, 85)
Bóthar na dTúdarach (17)
Brookfield Court
Cowper Care Nursing Home
Cowper Court
Cowper Drive
Cowper Gardens
Cowper Road (31-50)
Dunville Avenue (1-39)

  Polling Station Table/Box 362

Dunville Avenue (39-49)
Dunville Close
Dunville Court
Edenvale Road
Killeen Road
Mageough Home
Merton Drive (2-4)
Merton Road
Milltown Path
Mountain View Road (4-60A even)
Moyne Court
Moyne Road
Ormond Road, South (1-23)

  Polling Station Table/Box 363

Ormond Road, South (23-44)
Palmerston Close
Palmerston Lane
Palmerston Park (13-26)
Palmerston Park
Park Drive
Park House
Richmond Avenue South (East Side)
Richview Park
Temple Gardens
Temple Road (13-31 odd)
Temple Villas (1-4)
Tudor Road
Windsor Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 364

Albany Road (31-38)
Anna Villa
Ashfield Avenue
Ashfield Road
Ashling Court
Beechwood Avenue, Lower
Beechwood Cottages
Beechwood House
Beechwood Park
Beechwood Road (1-12)
Belgrave Road (33-34)

  Polling Station Table/Box 365

Belgrave Road (34-36)
Belgrave Square, East (1-20) (22)
Belgrave View
Belgrave Villas
Bóthar Albain (32)
Ceide Mheirtean (20, 54)
Charleston Avenue
Charleston Heights
Charleston Road (25-59)
Chester Gardens
Chester Road
Collier's Avenue
Cullenswood Gardens
Dunville Avenue (2-62 even)
Elm Park Avenue
Elmwood Avenue
Field's Terrace
Mander's Terrace
Merton Drive (1-36)

  Polling Station Table/Box 366

Merton Drive (36-96)
Morans Cottages
Mornington Court
Mornington Road
Mountain View Cottages
Mountain View Road (1A, 1, 2, 3-59 odd)
Mountpleasant Place (13-19)
Oakley Court
Oakley House
Oakley Park
Oakley Road
Oakley Square
Old Mount Pleasant
Oxford Court (4-7)
Oxford Lane
Oxford Road (2-36)
Ranelagh Village (1-129 odd)
Sandford Road (1-35A odd)
Sandford Row
Sandford Square
Selskar Terrace
Wellington Gardens

  Polling Station Table/Box 367

Cremorne Apartments
Dartry Park
Dartry Road (24-44)
Holy Rosary Sisters
Nullamore University Residence
Miltown Road, Richmond Avenue South
Richmond Avenue South (7-9)
Richmond Court
South Hill
Temple Park
Temple Road (2-48)
Upper Cross House

  Polling Station Table/Box 368

Acorn House
Avendale House
Belgrave Place
Belgrave Road (1-32)
Belgrave Square
Bhaile Phamar (38)
Bóthar Belgrave (24)
Bóthar Rath Maonais, Uacht (176)
Cambridge Court
Cambridge Road
Cambridge Villas
Castlewood Avenue (20-40)
Castlewood Close
Castlewood Park
Castlewood Place
Belgrave (21)
Church Avenue (1-5)
Church Gardens
Church Lane (1-4)

  Polling Station Table/Box 369

Church Lane (4-9)
Church of Ireland, Tr. College
Cowper Downs
Cowper Mews
Cowper Mews End
Cowper Road (1-30E) (51-80)
Cowper Village
Denver House
Esker Villas
Fortfield Gardens
Fortfield Terrace
Hunbington House
Kilross (1-12)

  Polling Station Table/Box 370

Kilross (12-17)
Methodist Widow Home
Na Seacht nDair (38)
Palmerston Court
Palmerston Gardens
Palmerston Park (1-12B)
Palmerston Road (1-41)
Palmerston Villas
Rathmines Road, Lower (276-312 even)
Rathmines Road, Upper (2-196)
Rossaun House
Seven Oaks
Stable Lane
Summerville Park
Temple Villas (5-18)
The Turrets

  Polling Station Table/Box 371

Ardee Court
Ardee Grove
Ardee Road
Blackberry Lane
Carlton Court
Cathal Brugha Barracks
Cois Eala (1-26)
Cosy Lodge
Grosvenor Court
Grosvenor Lane
Grosvenor Lodge
Grosvenor Square
Grove House
Grove Park (1-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 372

Grove Park (15-107)
Grove Road (1, 17-35)
Leinster Hall
Leinster Road (1-97)
Louis Lane
Miranda Lodge
Mount Anthony (East)
Mount Anthony (North) (1-2)

  Polling Station Table/Box 373

Mount Anthony (North) (3-27)
Mount Anthony (South)
Mount Anthony (West)
Mount Anthony
Ardee Road
Pavillion View
Portobello Harbour
Rathmines Road, Lower (1-167 odd)
Rathmines Square
Rathmines Wood
Saddlers Court
Saddlers Place
St. Mary's College
The Park
Williams Park
Charleville Close
Charleville Road
Greenwich Court
Grosvenor Road Hostel
Grosvenor Road (1-47)

  Polling Station Table/Box 374

Grosvenor Road (47-75)
HSE Hostel
Leinster Road (127-153)
Leinster Square
Prince Arthur Terrace
Rathgar Court
Rathgar Road (1-47)
Rathmines Road, Lower (169-223 odd)
Sisters of St. Louis, Grosvenor Road
Spireview Court
Spireview Lane
Swanville Place
Wynnefield House
Wynnefield Park
Wynnefield Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 375

Armstrong Street
Ashworth Place
Bethany House
Bóthar Chrois Araild (147)
Convent of St. Clare
Darley Street
Drummond Place
Emmet Street
Eyre Court
Fitzgerald Street
Greenfield Place
Grove Avenue
Grove Road (36-80)
Grove Village
Harold's Cross Cottages
Harold's Cross Road (1-75)

  Polling Station Table/Box 376

Harold's Cross Road (75-203)
Iostain Chrois Araild (54)
Le Vere Terrace
Leinster Park
Leinster Place
Mount Drummond Avenue
Mount Drummond Court
Mount Drummond Square
O'Hara Avenue
Park View (102/113)
Parkview Avenue
Parkview Court
St. Clare's Terrace
Wharton Terrace
Zuma Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 377

Arbutus Avenue
Boyne Court
Church Park Avenue
Church Park Court
Church Park Drive
Church Park Lawn
Church Park Way
Gandon Close
Goldstone Court, Clogher Road
Greenmount Avenue
Greenmount Court
Greenmount Lane, East
Greenmount Lane, West
Greenmount Square
Harold's Bridge Court
Harold's Cross Road (2-172 even)
Kimmage Road Lower (1-167B)
Lawrence's Court
Limekiln Lane
Manor Court
Manor Villas (Mount Argus Grove) (1-24)

  Polling Station Table/Box 378

Mount Argus Avenue
Mount Argus Close
Mount Argus Court
Mount Argus Crescent
Mount Argus Green
Mount Argus Grove
Mount Argus Park
Mount Argus Road
Mount Argus Square
Mount Argus Terrace
Mount Argus View
Mount Argus Way
Our Lady's Hospice, Harolds Cross (part)
Our Lady's Mount
Parnell Avenue
Parnell Court
Parnell Road (1-59)
St. Clare's Avenue
St. Glady's Nursing Home
St. Paul's Retreat, Mount Argus

  Polling Station Table/Box 379

Auburn House
Auburn Villas
Beltree House
Belville Avenue
Bóthar a Eabhrac (1)
Bóthar Rath Maonais (179)
Fairfield Park
Frankfort Avenue
Garville Court
Garville Road
Grove House
Highfield Road (50-84)
Linden Court
Madison House
Maxwell Court
Maxwell House
Maxwell Road (1-8)

  Polling Station Table/Box 380

Maxwell Road (8-67)
Menlough Lodge
Neville Road
Oaklands Pairc
Rath Maonais (31)
Rathgar Place
Rathgar Road (109-196)
Rathgar Road Hostel (HSE)
Rathmines Avenue (1-74)
Rathmines Court
Rathmines Close
Rathmines Park
Rathmines Road, Upper (1-109)

  Polling Station Table/Box 381

Rathmines Road, Upper (109-239)
Roland Court
Roskeen House
Salem House
Stone Mews
Templemore Avenue
Vernon Grove
Villiers Road
Woodleigh Ash
Woodleigh Elm
Woodleigh Oak
York Avenue
York Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 382

Airfield Road
Alexandra Terrace
Ardán Fhearann Dara (19)
Ascal Garville (14)(61)
Ascal Rath Garbh (47)
Beaumont House, Terenure Road East
Bóthar Whitton (6)
Brighton Avenue
Brighton Cross
Brighton Gardens
Brighton Green
Brighton Mews
Brighton Road
Brighton Square (2-23)

  Polling Station Table/Box 383

Brighton Square (25-76)
Carlisle Court
Coulson Avenue
Eagle Hill Avenue
Earl's Court
Ferrard Road
Frankfort Court
Garville Avenue
Garville Drive
Garville House
Garville Lane
Garville Mews
Garville Place
Garville Terrace (1)

  Polling Station Table/Box 384

Garville Terrace (1-5)
Harmac Court
Harold's Cross Road (257-347)
Harrison's Row
Healthfield Road
Hildon House
Hillcrest House
Kenilworth Mews
Kenilworth Square (44-66A)
Leicester Avenue (1-7B)
Leicester Court
Maple Court
McMorrough Road
Oakland Terrace
Olney Mews
Queen of Peace Centre, Garville Avenue
Rathgar Avenue (1-61)

  Polling Station Table/Box 385

Rathgar Avenue (61-70)
Rathgar Road (48-108)
Rathgar Villas
Rathmore Villas
Regan Retirement Home
St. Enda's Road
Sycamore Court
Terenure Road, East (2-98)
Terenure Road, North (1-107 odd)
Tower Avenue
Tower Villas
Victoria Village
Victoria Villas
Wesley Road
Whitton Road
Winton Avenue
Winton Mews

  Polling Station Table/Box 386

Ashbrook House
Bushes Lane
Eagle Lodge
Effra Road
Grosvenor Park
Grosvenor Place
Grosvenor Road (16-33)
Grosvenor Villas
Harold's Cross Road (213A-241 odd)
Kenilworth Lane (1-17A)

  Polling Station Table/Box 387

Kenilworth Lane (18-66)
Kenilworth Road
Kenilworth Square (1-43) (67-89A)
Le Bas Terrace
Leicester Avenue (8A-15)
Leinster Road (100-126A)
Leinster Road, West
Mount Harold Terrace
Waverley Terrace
Woodford Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 388

Adrian Avenue
Aideen Avenue (2-36 even)
Aideen Mews
Ascal Achadh na Faiseoige (8)
Bedford Court
Bóthar Sheanaid (8)
Casimir Avenue
Casimir Court
Casimir Road
Cedar Court (Mount Tallant Avenue)
Cherry Court (Mount Tallant Avenue)
Clareville Road
Derravaragh Road (1-7 odd) (2-16 even)
Fitzpatrick Cottages
Gairdini Achadh na Faiseoige (123)
Harold's Cross Road (174-390)
Kenilworth Lodge

  Polling Station Table/Box 389

Kenilworth Manor (346 Harolds Cross Road)
Kenilworth Park
Kimmage Grove
Kimmage Road, Lower (2-282)
Larkfield Avenue
Larkfield Gardens (1-29)

  Polling Station Table/Box 390

Larkfield Gardens (30-129)
Larkfield Grove
Larkfield Park
Maple Drive
Mount Tallant Avenue (1-143)
Mountain View Avenue
Mountain View Court
Mountain View Mews
Pairc Kenilworth (68)(87)
Priory Road (1-29)

  Polling Station Table/Box 391

Priory Road (30-67)
Shamrock Villas
Shanid Road
Sion Hill Avenue
Smith's Lane (Ryan's Cottages)
The Cloisters
Tivoli Avenue
Westfield Road
Wilfrid Road
Wilfrid Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 392

Clogher Road (54-432 even)
Marist Sisters, Sundrive Road
Rutland Avenue (131-145 odd)
Rutland Grove
Sundrive Park
Sundrive Road (1-13, 23-87odd)

  Polling Station Table/Box 393

Aideen Avenue (1-21)
Aideen Drive
Ashdale Avenue
Ashdale Gardens
Ashdale Park
Ashdale Road
Ashfield Park
Corrib Road (1-157)

  Polling Station Table/Box 394

Corrib Road (157-207)
Derravaragh Road (9-71)(18-76)
Eaton Court, Terenure Road North
Eaton Hall
Eaton Road
Eaton Square
Elmpark Terrace
Greenlea Place
Hannaville Park
Harold's Cross Road (392-430)
Hazelbrook Court
Hazelbrook Drive (1-47)

  Polling Station Table/Box 395

Hazelbrook Drive (49-51)
Hazelbrook Road
Kimmage Court
Kimmage Road, Lower (284-372)
Mayfield Road
Mayfield Road East
Melvin Road
Merrick House, Eaton Road
Mount Tallant Avenue (2-74 even)

  Polling Station Table/Box 396

Mount Tallant Avenue (76-136 even)
Neagh Road
Rathdown Court
Riversdale Grove
Temple Hill
Terenure Court
Terenure Park
Terenure Place (1-13 odd)
Terenure Road, West (1-149 odd)
Terenure Road, North (2-142 even)
The Grange
The Hall
The Laurels
Westhampton Place
Yewlands Terrace

  Polling Station Table/Box 397

Bóthar Teach Mealog (31)
Cranford Court, 116 Terenure Road West
Fortfield Court
Fortfield Road (4-94 even)
Glenavy Park
Greenlea Avenue
Greenlea Drive
Greenlea Grove
Greenlea Park
Greenlea Road
Harvey Nursing Home
Horton Court
Lakelands Park
Lavarna Grove (1-20)

  Polling Station Table/Box 398

Lavarna Grove (20-71)
Lavarna Road
Minnowbrook House, 26 Terenure Road West
Olney Crescent
Olney Grove
Parkmore Drive
Templeogue Road (1-175 odd)
Terenure College
Terenure Road West (2-140)

  Polling Station Table/Box 399

Cormac Terrace
Fergus Road
Rathdown Avenue
Rathdown Crescent
Rathdown Drive
Rathdown Park
Rathdown Villas
Rathfarnham Road (1-71 odd)
Templeogue Road (2-50A)