List of Streets per Table Number

Cabra Finglas

  Polling Station Table/Box 1

Abbey Drive
An Phrioireacht Thuaidh (7)
Ashgrove House
Ashington Avenue
Ashington Close
Ashington Court (9-17)

  Polling Station Table/Box 2

Ashington Court (17-78)
Ashington Crescent
Ashington Dale
Ashington Gardens
Ashington Green
Ashington Grove
Ashington Heath
Ashington Mews
Ashington Park (2-38)

  Polling Station Table/Box 3

Ashington Park (38-98)
Ashington Rise
Ashtown Grove
Ashtown Lodge
Assisi House, Navan Road
Bealach Kempton (10)
Bóthar na Paircel (38)
Camden Avenue
Cassian Court
Chancel Mews
Chapel Crescent
Church Walk
Clearwater Court (4-39)

  Polling Station Table/Box 4

Clearwater Court (41)
Cloister Court
Compass Court
Convent View Cottages
Convent View Crescent
Convent Way
Court View
Cuan Ros, Navan Road
Discovery Building
Dominican Sisters
Faiche Kempton (5)
Glengarriff Road
Glenbrook Road
Glendhu Park
Glendhu Road
Horizon Building
Kempton Avenue (1-34)

  Polling Station Table/Box 5

Kempton Avenue (36-48)
Kempton Cour
Kempton Green
Kempton Grove
Kempton Heath
Kempton Lawn
Kempton Park
Kempton Rise
Kempton View
Kempton Way
Kinvara Avenue
Kinvara Drive
Kinvara Grove (2-32)

  Polling Station Table/Box 6

Kinvara Grove (32-34)
Kinvara Park
Kinvara Road (1-101) (2-110)
Laburnum Court
Laburnum Square
Lock Keeper's Walk
Martin Savage Park
Mary Bellew House
Meridian Court
Navan Road (137-339 odd)

  Polling Station Table/Box 7

Navan Road (343-397 odd)
Nephin Road (41-129)
O'Reilly's Bridge
Park Road
Rathborne Avenue
Rathborne Close
Rathborne Court
Rathborne Drive
Rathborne Grove
Rathborne Place
Rathborne View
Rathborne Way
Ratoath Road (204-222 and School)
Rectory Green
Riverston Gardens
River Vale
Royal Canal Court (6-94)

  Polling Station Table/Box 8

Royal Canal Court (94-150)
Santa Sabina House
Spire View
St. Mary's Convent, Rectory Green
St. Mary's Dominican Convent, Navan Road
St. Mary's Dominican Sisters
The Beacon
The Birches
The Chandler
The Elms
The Mews
The Oaks
The Priory
The Tallows
The Waterways
The Waxworks
Watermint Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 9

Ardpatrick Road
Ashton Villas
Baggot Road
Belleville House
Blackhorse Avenue (303-527) (44-58)
Bóthar Pairc an Bhailtin (13)
Conor Clune Road
Croaghpatrick Road (1-18)

  Polling Station Table/Box 10

Croaghpatrick Road (18-48)
Darling Estate
Doreen House
Doyle's Cottages
Hybla Court
Lyndon Gate
Martin's Grove
Navan Road (even nos.)
Nephin Road (1-39 odd) (22-58 even)
Ormonde Terrace Park
Crescent House
Parkside View
Ratra Park
Ratra Road
Roosevelt Cottages (5-13)

  Polling Station Table/Box 11

Roosevelt Cottages (13-18)
Skreen Road
St. Joseph's Cottages
St. Vincent's Cottages
St. Vincent's House, Navan Road
The Paddock
Villa Park Avenue
Villa Park Drive
Villa Park Gardens
Villa Park Road
Villa Park Springs

  Polling Station Table/Box 12

Blacquiere Villas
Cabra Park
Cabra Park Mews
Cabra Road (1-21) (2-22)
Connaught Parade
Connaught Street
Cross Guns Quay, (1-15)

  Polling Station Table/Box 13

Cross Guns Quay, (16-74)
Eglinton Terrace
Enniskerry Road
Leinster Street, North
Library View Villas
Munster Street
Norfolk Road
North Circular Road (311-377 odd)
Pairc na Cabrai (73, 114)
Pairc Sheanduin (49)
Phibsborough Road (66-161)
Royse Road
Shandon Crescent
Shandon Drive (1-11)

  Polling Station Table/Box 14

Shandon Drive (11-60)
Shandon Gardens
Shandon Green
Shandon Mill
Shandon Park
Shandon Road
Shandon View
Sraid Laighean Uacht (33)
St. Peter's Presbytery, Cabra Road
St. Peter's Road
St. Peter's Square
Ulster Street
Villa Bank
Villa Park

  Polling Station Table/Box 15

Canal Bank (North Side)
Claremont Close
Claremont Court
Claremont Crescent
Claremont Lawn (1-20)

  Polling Station Table/Box 16

Claremont Lawn (20-30)
Clareville Court
Clareville Grove
Coillte Ghlasnaoin (25)
Cuirt Claremont (38)
Dalcassian Downs
Dun an Oir (34)
Finglas Road (Odd No's to Fin Bridge)
Glasnevin Court
Glasnevin Woods
Lisin Glen
Prospect Road (1-7)
Rivermount Cottages
Riversdale House, Glasnevin Court
St. Brendan's Hostel
St. Philomena's Road
The Court
The Willows
Tolka Lodge
Tower View Cottages

  Polling Station Table/Box 17

Annaly Road
Bóthar Ghabhalmhai (16)
Bregia Road
Cabra Road (23-203)
Church View Nursing Home, 61 Cabra Rd
Cuala Road
Delvin Road
Dowth Avenue
Erris Road (1-25)

  Polling Station Table/Box 18

Erris Road (25-51)
Fassaugh Avenue (24)
Fassaugh Road
Fertullagh Road
Galmoy Road
Homestead Court
Imaal Road
Leix Road
Newgrange Road (1-58)

  Polling Station Table/Box 19

Newgrange Road (60-120)
Offaly Road
Quarry Road
St. Attracta Road (1-124)

  Polling Station Table/Box 20

St. Attracta Road (124-339)
St. Eithne Road
St. Fintan Road (1-27)

  Polling Station Table/Box 21

St. Fintan Road (27-30)
St. Fintan Terrace
St. Jarlath Road
Adelphi House (HSE)
An Cuarbhothar Thuaidh (255)
Annamoe Drive
Annamoe Park (1-23)

  Polling Station Table/Box 22

Annamoe Park (23-54)
Annamoe Road
Annamoe Terrace
Ard na Greine (HSE)
Ardmore Avenue
Blackhorse Grove
Bóthar Ath na Mbo (158)
Bradogue Court (1-25)

  Polling Station Table/Box 23

Bradogue Court (27-60)
Cabra Drive
Cabra Grove
Cabra Road (24-160 Even)
Charleville Road
Cherrymount Park
Doon Avenue
Ellesmere Avenue
Everton Avenue
Glenard Avenue
Malborough Court
Malborough Mews
Malborough Road (1-2)

  Polling Station Table/Box 24

Malborough Road (3-14)
North Circular Road (1-309 odd)
Old Cabra Road (1-77)(2-76)
Park Lodge
Phoenix Manor
Simon Community House
St. David's Terrace
St. Peter's Avenue

  Polling Station Table/Box 25

Abbeyside Bannow Road
Broombridge Road (2-128) (West Side)
Carnlough Road (539-659 odd) (444-522 even)
Fassaugh Avenue (94-104 even)
Ratoath Estate
Ratoath Road (Part of east side)(195-225)

  Polling Station Table/Box 26

Ratoath Road (Part of east side)(225-329)
Ventry Drive
Ventry Park
Ventry Road
Bannow Road (1-313)

  Polling Station Table/Box 27

Bannow Road (315-335 odd)
Bóthar Bhanu
Broombridge Road
Carnlough Road (219-537)(172-442)
Dunmanus Court
Dunmanus Road (1-111)

  Polling Station Table/Box 28

Dunmanus Road (111-119)
Fassaugh Avenue (2-92) even
Kilkieran Court
Kilkieran Road
Killala Road (115-221)(110-192)
Liscannor Road
Mulroy Road
Rowan Hamilton Court
St. Finbar's Court
St. Finbar's Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 29

Cabra Road (205-243) (162-194)
Cabra Road Old (90-116) even
Canon Burke Flats
Carnlough Road (1-217)(2-170)
Dingle Road (1-46)

  Polling Station Table/Box 30

Dingle Road (46-167)
Drumcliffe Drive
Drumcliffe Road
Dunmanus Road (25-95)(2-36)
Fassaugh Avenue (1-147A)
Inver Road (1-42)

  Polling Station Table/Box 31

Inver Road (42-60)
Killala Road
Nephin Road (74-134)
Rathoath Road (7-185)
Rose Court
St. Declan Christian Brothers, Nephin Road
Swilly Road
Sycamore Court, Cabra Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 32

Blackhorse Avenue (41-151)(183-301)odd
Blackhorse Downs
Bóthar Charathaigh (50)
Cabra Road Old (79-93) odd
Caragh Road
Dunard Avenue
Dunard Court
Dunard Drive (1-34)

  Polling Station Table/Box 33

Dunard Drive (34-55)
Dunard Park
Dunard Road
Dunard Walk
Earl's Court
Glenbeigh Park
Glenbeigh Road
Glencar Road
Glenmore Road (2-16)
Hampton Green
Hampton Square (1-121)

  Polling Station Table/Box 34

Hampton Square (122-241)
McKee Court
McKee Barracks
McKee Park
Navan Road (2-74) even
Park View
Park View Court
Skreen Road (1-79) odd
Slemish Road

  Polling Station Table/Box 35

Aylward Green
Barry Avenue (1-19)(2-54)
Barry Road (2-28 even)
Bóthar Chill Donain (44)
Cappagh Drive
Cappagh Road (2-146 even)
Cardiffsbridge Road (1-11 odd)
Cardiff Castle Road
Casement Close
Casement Drive
Casement Green (1-52)

  Polling Station Table/Box 36

Casement Green (52-54)
Casement Grove
Casement Park
Casement Road (301-447 odd)
Church Street (North Side)
Finglaswood Road
Glebe View
Kildonan Avenue
Kildonan Court
Kildonan Drive (2-30)

  Polling Station Table/Box 37

Kildonan Drive (30-64)
Kildonan Road (2-44)
Liam Mellowes Road (1-49)(2-52)
Mellowes Court (57-65)
Mellowes Crescent (2-24)
North Road (odd nos.)
Plunkett Avenue (1-35 odd)
Plunkett Green (2-52 even)
Plunkett Grove
Plunkett Road
The Lawn
Avila Gardens (1-15)
Avila Park (1-7)

  Polling Station Table/Box 38

Avila Park (9-30)
Barry Avenue (21-75)(56-88)
Barry Close
Barry Drive
Barry Green
Barry Park
Barry Road
Cappagh Avenue (1-149)

  Polling Station Table/Box 39

Cappagh Avenue (149-155A)
Cappagh Green
Cappagh Road (166-296 even)
Cardiffsbridge Grove
Casement Road (449-455 odd)
Kildonan Road
Liam Mellowes Avenue
Liam Mellowes Road (77-203)(86-188)
Mellowes Park (1-35)

  Polling Station Table/Box 40

Mellowes Park (35-147 odd)
Northway Estate (1-119)
Plunkett Avenue (37-55) (2-80)
Plunkett Crescent (1-71 odd)
Plunkett Drive
Plunkett Green (1-53 odd)
St. Canice's Court

  Polling Station Table/Box 41

Ascal Mhic Aoidh (138)
Ballygall Avenue
Ballygall Road West (115) (54-122 even)
Bóthar Mhic Aoidh (78)
Brookville Court
Clancy Avenue
Clancy Court
Clancy Road
Clearstream Court
Clune Road (7-40)

  Polling Station Table/Box 42

Clune Road (41-66)
Finglas Park
Gofton Hall, McKee Avenue
Grove Avenue
Grove Road (2-46 even)
Grove Wood
Heath Square (1-41)

  Polling Station Table/Box 43

Heath Square (41-70)
Jamestown Road (40-47)
McKee Avenue
McKee Road
McKelvey Avenue (2A-16)

  Polling Station Table/Box 44

McKelvey Avenue (17-68)
McKelvey Road
North Road (even nos.)
Oakwood Park (1-5 odd)
Oakwood Road
Páirc an Tseiceamair (69)
St. George's Road
St. Margaret's Court
St. Margaret's Road
Sycamore Park (1-79 odd)
Sycamore Road (5-113) (10-56)

  Polling Station Table/Box 45

Abbottstown Avenue
Abbottstown Drive
Abbottstown Road
Ascaill Dhroichead Chairdif (52)
Assumption Convent
Cappagh Road (201-283 odd)
Cardiffsbridge Avenue (2-26)

  Polling Station Table/Box 46

Cardiffsbridge Avenue (26-80A)
Cardiffsbridge Road (14-132 Even)
Deanstown Avenue
Deanstown Court
Deanstown Drive
Deanstown Green
Deanstown Park
Deanstown Road
Kilshane Court
Kilshane Drive
Kilshane Road (1-27)

  Polling Station Table/Box 47

Kilshane Road (29-53)
Patricks Well Court
Ratoath Avenue
Ratoath Drive
Ratoath Road (801-831 odd)
Wellmount Avenue
Wellmount Court
Wellmount Crescent
Wellmount Drive (2-20)
Wellmount Green
Wellmount Parade
Wellmount Park
Wellmount Road (46-100)

  Polling Station Table/Box 48

Barnamore Crescent
Barnamore Grove
Barnamore Park (34-49)
Barrack Street
Carrigallen Drive
Carrigallen Park
Carrigallen Road
Casement Road (201-221 odd)
Church Terrace
Church View
Cloonlara Crescent
Cloonlara Drive
Cloonlara Road
Dunsink Road (odd nos.)
Fairlawn Park (1-8)

  Polling Station Table/Box 49

Fairlawn Park (8-38)
Fairlawn Road
Farnham Crescent
Farnham Drive
Finn-Eber Fort
Finn-Eber Square
Gortbeg Avenue
Gortbeg Drive
Gortbeg Park
Gortbeg Road
Gortmore Avenue
Gortmore Drive (1-9)

  Polling Station Table/Box 50

Gortmore Drive (10-34)
Gortmore Park
Gortmore Road
Hazelcroft Gardens
Hazelcroft Green
Hazelcroft Park
Hazelcroft Road
Hazelcroft Terrace
Merville Court
St. Canice's Square
St. Helena Drive
The Botanic
The Dargle
The Eden
The Fuel Yard
The Griffith
The Iona
The Moyle
The Tolka
Tolka Vale
Tolka Valley Green
Wellmount Road (1-7) (2-24)

  Polling Station Table/Box 51

Barnamore Park (1-33)
Berryfield Crescent
Berryfield Drive
Berryfield Road
Dunsink Avenue (1-84)

  Polling Station Table/Box 52

Dunsink Avenue (86-116)
Dunsink Drive
Dunsink Gardens
Dunsink Green
Dunsink Park
Dunsink Road (even nos.)
Kippure Park (1-42)

  Polling Station Table/Box 53

Kippure Park (43-178)
Vale View Crescent
Vale View Drive
Vale View Gardens (1-37)

  Polling Station Table/Box 54

Vale View Gardens (38-44)
Wellmount Road (9-87)
Eastwood, Deanstown Avenue
Glenties Drive
Glenties Park
Rathvilly Drive
Rathvilly Park (1-25)

  Polling Station Table/Box 55

Rathvilly Park (25-74)
Scribblestown Avenue
Scribblestown Close
Scribblestown Green
Scribblestown Grove
Scribblestown Park
Scribblestown Place
Scribblestown Road
Tolka Valley View
Valley Park Avenue
Valley Park Drive
Valley Park Road
Virginia Drive (1-14)

  Polling Station Table/Box 56

Virginia Drive (14-42)
Virginia Park
Westwood Avenue
Westwood Road
Woodbank Avenue
Woodbank Drive

  Polling Station Table/Box 57

Cara Cheshire Home
Garda Terrace, Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park
St. Mary's Hospital, Phoenix Park